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  1. hai new friend cookiemonstah!

  2. Welcome to CTF, and thank you for acknowledging the truth in your intro thread. Coke is vastly superior to pepsi, and I literally just came out of a discussion on the same issue xD

  3. a bold pair of plans most likely resulting in a pair of pizzas with a pair of lawsuits xD

  4. A teacher who awards zero points out of 190 deserves to be plotted against. Sooo are we talking kidnapping and ransom? identity thieving? cybercrime? sending pizzas to her house at midnight? xP

  5. hi layne i felt like leaving you a comment



  6. during the new years celebration, the people on the streets of Lima, Peru chant: "Querimos boletos con queso," This is loosely understood as "We desire good futures for our children"

    Just some words of wisdom to keep in mind xP

  7. yes chels! it has been ages hasnt it? ive been doing okay, how have you been doing?

  8. welcome to CTF livelovelyxx!

  9. yea they are quite cool, I've been on here like everyday since I joined almost 3 years ago lol, and are there are some pretty interesting characters on this site, both the good and bad interesting kind XP

  10. Yes its quite sad lol, but you got it nonetheless and you are welcome XD

  11. your welcome! and its okay, CTF has some pretty high requirements for new members as you know xd

  12. well im not buying brown, that will just make me look like chocolate ice cream on a cone, and of course the cone would be my white boy legs lol, I was thinking of buying navy...thats a start isnt it? not exactly sky blue as you preps love, but its a stern color XD

  13. I would gladly pay you tuesday for a hamburger today.

  14. You need to come on CTF more often! this place needs more interesting people XP