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  1. Welcome to CTF Kalere!

  2. Welcome to CTF k.fay!

  3. Welcome to CTF Becka!

  4. Welcome to CTF Stephanie!

  5. Well don't get too presumptuous lol, I never said I became a prep, only that I am considering investing in some polo shirts for purely convenience and comfort purposes, I'll make sure to get very drab and depressing colors like black, gray, olive drab, navy, maroon, etc nothing bright or happy like neon green or....*shudders* pink...

  6. thank you sir, but alas it was time for a change lol

  7. Krissy krissy! I've missed you!!! our style debates never get old :P but, I must concede, that I may be outgrowing my quasi emo-ness as you would so eloquently describe it, and I am actually considering buying polo shirts for the summer =O shocking isnt it? But under no circumstances will I "pop" my collar. it will remain in the traditional position. and I will only get black and gray polos since im so goth and all lol

  8. welcome to cTf!

  9. Chelsea i was away when you said goodnight, but nice talkin to you as well, i enjoyed our convo!

  10. Beggin yo pardon but ive been doing the hand on chin look since infancy! and ill keep doing it, ill have the moritician put me in a hand on chin position in my casket, it will be highly irregular. but im still rockin the bieber 1.5 XD btw ur hair is messy :P

  11. That would have been so much fun for me XD, I've been known to solve a mystery from time to time lol. But yea I suppose its against the rules to make multiaccounts, but that would be awesome. nice to meet you too marley!

  12. Well I would expect nothing less from a state so close to Canada, but even in ny we like our hockey, I'm a rangers fan. And yes! my name is from deathnote which is probably my favorite anime after fma lol, and L is my fave character obviously. I thought it would be cool to have a one letter username, but CTF doesnt allow it so i had to add the two dashes...hmph. My names Matt btw, but I will also respond to L or lawliet xD

  13. "little sisters are the crab grass on the lawn of life" - Linus

    Sweet avatar XD

  14. I've signed your treaty layne and we are now CTF friends! :P

  15. Welcome to CTF Mariella!

  16. Hey olivia ann! welcome to CTF! if you have any questions im matt, if you dont have any questions im still matt =p

  17. de nada victoria! :P I've been well, the semester just started, which either good or bad depending on whether you enjoy thrilling subjects like statistics lol. its snowed like every other day, i feel like im on the ice planet, hoth rofl. how have you been?

  18. Welcome to CTF Aimee!

  19. welcome to CTF!

  20. Welcome to CTF forgottenbeloved!

  21. Welcome to CTF Kendall!

  22. welcome to CTF Andrew!

  23. heyheyhey HAPPY BRITHDAY!