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  1. well, that's such a broad question isn't it. I could answer in one word or I could talk your ear off, but to condense my well being to one concern.... right now I am very anxious because my new york jets are facing the pittsburgh steelers in the afc championship game tomorrow for a trip to the super bowl for the first time half a century so im nervous/excited :P I'd very much like to know how you are doing as well xP

  2. wellwellwell look whos back on the old CTF stomping grounds ;D

  3. Welcome to CTF Ragamuffin!

  4. oh wow, i did not pick up on that at all lol, quite clever if i do say so myself. sweet gash mashk btw.

  5. Dude, i just finished your story, it was quite awesome. So, I assume they ended up jumping over the railing and splat yea? but then again...were they even in the mall to begin with? you're a pretty good writer *thumbs up*


  7. welcome to CTF green7dusty!

  8. i viewed it twice, but not thrice XD

  9. Was my life changed? Who can say, but i feel the course of history will never be the same again..:P

  10. welcome to CTF bmich8!

  11. welcome to CTF meganbree!

  12. Welcome to CTF buggirl101!

  13. welcome to CTF skye!

  14. welcome to CTF lexy!

  15. Welcome to CTF j3sus1uvzu!

  16. welcome to CTF sweetness!

  17. welcome to cTF brittany!!!

  18. Why thank you derek, its part of the red iron collection...blue steel...red iron...hehe xD

  19. hey android! im sorry it took me so long to respond, i completely forgot about ur comment D= how are you?

  20. Becky, welcome to CTF! I'm matt, if you have questions I may or may not be able to answer them :P

  21. yes, yes you did, and for your neglect you will be visited by 3 spirits tonight: the ghost of internets past (with the terrible AOL screeching connection sound) the ghost of internets present, and the ghost of internets future where the internet enters your brain directly 0_0 lol

  22. nananananananananaananananananana

    awesome sig! MCR ftw =P

  23. my skype msgs are not going thru D=

  24. i see someone on CTF who is never on CTF hmmmm lol

  25. hiya jebrook! yeshh i love the office, its a very clever show XP although I must admit this season has been horrendous. sadly the show seemed to hit its peak in season 3 D=