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  1. Why do you pay to maintain the server, domain name and stuff? I honestly don't get it. It can't be cheep.

    1. Boogles


      Right? Just let it die already. We're over run with spammers and have like two active members. I honestly don't even know why I still lurk here. 

    2. Yoda


      Don't say that... I think it would be a sad day if this site officially died. 

    3. Diakonos


      Same fam. Same.

  2. Oh man. This website is so dead. I'm just shocked the admin hasn't sold the domain and shut everything else down yet.
  4. Yoda is that a reference to the face that we have no idea who you are?
  5. Pics or it didn't happen
  6. PlasmaHam, most of us long time members complaining about this stuff do not want to start a new forum or anything like that. Personally I'm just sad to see a place I invested so much time and energy into looking like this. Like going through the neighborhood you grew up in and finding the playground equipment in the local park is deteriorating. I'm nostalgic, and believe this website is capable of good if given the right chance, but I don't actually want CTF to be run my way nor do I have the desire to social network on here. I just want it to exist and be functional for others and to feel like my efforts running this forum for however many years I did (feel like it was 3ish) were not a waste.
  7. Guys stop looking past the major point. This isn't exclusively Cary's fault. Teenagers don't join forums anymore. The way teenageers interact with the internet is fundamentally different than it was 10 years ago. This site, to truly be as sucessful as it was in the early 2000s, would have to change dramatically. Back when this site was popular, we were many people's only form of "social networking" or at least their primary form. We can't be that anymore. We're not going to be able to steal people away from sites like snap chat, Instagram, omegle, tumblr, and face book. We could be in addition to those things, but we would have to offer a reason for teenagers to download the app/visit the site. We would have to offer guidance, support, and theological orthodoxy to make this a place that set youth's hearts on fire for the Lord and continued to guide them closer to who God is calling them to be. To build up that Godly support here, it would take a vision and the mindset to recruit people to work that also had that vision/life view. As someone who worked on the inside of CTF for years, we need to admit that the leadership of old could never truly kept this place leading teens closer to Christ in 2017 internet culture. Most of the years of CTF has been the blind leading the blind. Some teenagers doing their best to police other teenagers, but once they get old enough they burn out or pass the torch to an untested successor. Teenagers are a wonderful, powerful, and exciting for in this world, but with no vision, guidance, or training you can only get so far. I think there are ways to create a verson of CTF that would be interesting to today's youth and helpful to protect them from the darker parts of the internet, but to pretend that all you need to do is fix bugs and put some ads out there is a hair naive.
  8. Or holding a Rinehart shield
  9. Don't stream it froman illegal site. One pumch man's US copyrightis owned by Hulu. If you don't have it try a free trial to see it.
  10. Are y'all enjoying uprising?
  11. Yeah, scannung should be better than taking a picture with your phone.
  12. Do you have acess to a scanner?
  13. A few days and many hours of play, I'm up to 1100.
  14. Yeah, I'm mostly stickung to Soldier, Pherra, Dva and Roadhog in my matches to have the highest impact I can without my team coordinating. I did run into a small child in voice chat today who was all like, "Are you a girl?!?!" And I was like, "Yes?" And then nothing else happened, but it was amusing to me.
  15. Ugh. Finished my season 4 placement matches. 780... dang.... it makes me want to give up Overwatch