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  1. Don't stream it froman illegal site. One pumch man's US copyrightis owned by Hulu. If you don't have it try a free trial to see it.
  2. Are y'all enjoying uprising?
  3. Yeah, scannung should be better than taking a picture with your phone.
  4. Do you have acess to a scanner?
  5. A few days and many hours of play, I'm up to 1100.
  6. Yeah, I'm mostly stickung to Soldier, Pherra, Dva and Roadhog in my matches to have the highest impact I can without my team coordinating. I did run into a small child in voice chat today who was all like, "Are you a girl?!?!" And I was like, "Yes?" And then nothing else happened, but it was amusing to me.
  7. Ugh. Finished my season 4 placement matches. 780... dang.... it makes me want to give up Overwatch
  8. Because if there's one thing I've learned about teenagers in my two years teaching high school it's that they can't wait to sign up for internet forums. They're just scared off by people over the age of 20 talking to them.
  9. How do you have time to play hours every day? I also think I would play more if i had people i was comfortable playing with, but solo queing gets exhausting.
  10. Ummm.... Platinum is super impressive friend. You talking about it like it's not makes my silver level self super sad.
  11. Buddy. I know you don't know me very well, and you're trying to help. I genuiely appreciate it, but I've read that book and a handful of others on the Eucharist. I went to daily mass for two years during college. I've read some pretty dense theology. I've just let my job transtion to adulthood rob me of some of that passion, and I'm trying to figure out how to balance and order my life. It is disordered now, but reordering takes time and a lot of grace.
  12. I'm really trying to focus on getting into a habit of going to weekly mass and daily prayer this Lent.
  13. Your devotion to the Eucharist is very inspiring Anima Christi. I am a somewhat lapsed Catholic who is trying to find a way through the world. I love your refection on thirsting because I occasionally feel that way. In my teens I had a great passion for the Eucharist that has faded over the years due to spiritual laziness and backsliding. This reminds me fondly of some of my personal reflection. One thing I would caution you though if you would hear it. I don't know if this post is for protestants or not, but I would refrain from using latin translations for a protestant audience simply becausr most latin translations have a Catholic lean to them.
  14. Honestly sounda like he's lonely and needs more friends or someone else to be that person he jas dai lo y check ins with. Have you considered backing off the friendship entirely to try to get him closer to other people?
  15. Hey, overwatch fan here. I playimg in season 1 and 2 on PS4. Haven't picked it up since due to time and motivation. I'm prerty bad at it (started and finished season 2 ranked silver), but if you really need someone to play with pm me your psn and I can add you.