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  1. Zabby

    Why do you pay to maintain the server, domain name and stuff? I honestly don't get it. It can't be cheep.

    1. Buoyancy


      Right? Just let it die already. We're over run with spammers and have like two active members. I honestly don't even know why I still lurk here. 

    2. Yoda


      Don't say that... I think it would be a sad day if this site officially died. 

    3. Diakonos


      Same fam. Same.

  2. Merry Christmas CTF 

    1. Yoda


      Thanks Zabby! :)

  3. Zabby

    Hey Yoda. What's up?

  4. Watching Vampire Acadmey right now because you mentioned it. I'm only like 30 minutes in, but I'm really enjoying it.

  5. T-T Now I'm afraid I've done something because you never respond to me.


  7. TK! Remember to tally the boardies as each person votes. That way there's a quick turn around for results!

  8. Cody. I love you. That's exactly what I was thinking about Mu's thread.

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    2. Zabby


      It's like literally every post though... I look at the age and look at what is written, and I'm honestly baffled.

    3. Mu_


      I'd jump in here, but I'm sure one of you would give me a lecture I don't want to listen to.

    4. Zabby
  9. Every time I think I'm almost done with my classes, my professors throw another 3 paged single spaced essay at me. I just want to start planning. I don't have time for this. T-T

  10. Zabby

    Fixed your siggy :P

  11. Hahaha, I was just playing. No reason to post 4 times. Just get on skype/facebook/whatever when you have time


  13. Hey Cody. Nice to see you. I thought you'd left CTF for some reason.

    1. curryjacket


      I did leave-- personal reasons. I'm still gone but I pop my head in from time to time :) How are you?

    2. Zabby


      Ah, life does get the better of us. I'm good. Trying to keep my head above the homework and stuff I have to do, and still enjoy my summer. How about you?

  14. TK! Skype or facebook me again sometime soon! We have things to set up!

  15. TK! I need to talk to you offline! Skype or facebook me?

  16. Hey, any way you can get on skype sometime soon?

  17. Haha, laziness never leaves one's system.

  18. Haha, well, you'll see when you get to college. It's not like I planned to do summer classes when I was your age either.

  19. Eh, summer classes just started. I'm taking 3, so I have a tone of online work to do that I'm just avoiding. I am responsible xD

  20. Hey! I feel like we haven't talked in forever. Hope everything's going well with you.

  21. I added you on skype, I think.

    1. Logos


      I haven't received a friend request yet. What's your Skype name, I'll try to add you.

  22. Feels ignored by TK

  23. Jazzy! How likely is Cameron to get involved with all of our teen drama?

  24. I give you permission to hit me if Marley, Wesker, and I get too insular with our teenage drama. We're all on skype, so we my start plotting things off, but tell me if you feel like we're being exclusionary.

    1. Logos


      Should I join you? I'm zarko.straadi on Skype. My connection isn't quite fast enough to do VoIP conversations, so I'm kinda limited to typing. Or should we just use the OT Thread so that Jazzy's character isn't fenced out of the plotting?

    2. Zabby


      I haven't Voice or Video skyped with anyone from online in over 2 years. It's all done via text, but when I say that plotting is going on. Mostly I talk to Ashley (Marley) and we get an idea in our heads. And I talk to Wesker and we get an idea in our heads. I'd be more than happy to add you on skype. There's just not a group skype I can connect you with where we can plot all the things. xD