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    Not much to say, I love God and I'm here to socialize with other people that love God too! I'm college student working towards a nursing degree. I spend most of my time doing school work and hanging out with my wonderful boyfriend.
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    God, Church, Photography, horses, hanging out with my friends and family, and of course spending time with le boyfriend :)
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    Nursing Assistant
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  1. horsesforlife

    Where were you born?

    I was born here in the USA in the western part of Massachusetts.
  2. horsesforlife

    Which one do you least like to see on Facebook?

    Oh my gosh, there are so many of these I really don't like. I voted that the one I dislike most is the death announcement, mainly because a member of my family died unexpectedly two years ago, and another family member found out via Facebook, because everyone was posting about my family member's death. I just thought it was disrespectful. Another one I don't like is when significant others write mushy cheesy things on each other's facebook wall. Saying I love you is one thing, but posting a paragraph expressing your love? really? If the person means that much to you, tell them in person or in a text message at least.
  3. horsesforlife

    What is appropriate attire at your church?

    At my church, there is a wide range of things that people will wear. A lot of the younger people will wear jeans and a T shirt to church, but there are also a lot of people that dress really nice too. I prefer to dress up for church, but that's just me. My mom and dad raised us to look our best at church.
  4. horsesforlife

    What music do you prefer in worship?

    I actually prefer more traditional music at church. Not to say that I don't like contemporary stuff, but there's just something about hymns. I'm just an old soul I guess. haha.
  5. horsesforlife

    School and things..

    Hi everyone, I know I haven't really been around on here lately, but I have been really busy working and going to school. That being said, I'm having a really hard time with my math class at college. Right now I'm not doing so well, and I really need to pass this class, because this is actually the third time I have taken it. I struggle so much with math. I have gotten a tutor, and am trying my best to have an open mind. But since the semester half way over, I really need your prayers. Also, in somewhat good news, I have been accepted as an alternate in the LPN/LVN one year nursing program at the school I go to. This means if someone decides not to go, or does not submit all their paperwork on time, then I will be able to enter the program in January. I really want this, and I am just hoping so much that I will be able to go. My Dream is to save lives and help people. So I was just hoping I could get some prayers please? it would mean a lot to me. Thanks everyone.
  6. horsesforlife

    Black nail polish?

    I don't see a problem with wearing black nail polish, I don't wear it myself because it stains my nails and makes my skin look slightly washed out. But I'm not opposed to it. Just another way to express yourself, just like wearing pink,blue,purple, or any other kind of nail polish.
  7. horsesforlife

    Short shorts

    Personally, I'm not a fan of short shorts, unfortunately for me all shorts look really short since I have long legs. But definitely if they show your butt, then that's a little inappropriate if you ask me.
  8. horsesforlife

    Hello everyone!

    Hello Hannah! Welcome to CTF!
  9. horsesforlife


    Hey! Welcome to CTF I hope you like it here.
  10. horsesforlife

    What side do you part your hair on?

    I part mine to the left.
  11. horsesforlife

    Unwanted. "Don't Come Home"

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having this problem. Maybe you could try asking them about it? Like for example the reason why they don't want you to come home during the Holidays Also maybe tell them how their behavior makes you feel. I'm not sure what other advice I can give you, but I hope this helps a little bit.
  12. Thank you I will surely keep that in mind. I will be praying a lot about it.
  13. horsesforlife

    Morning Person or Night Owl?

    I tend to be a mix of both... but for the most part I end up going to bed pretty early, therefore waking up around 9 AM. I like mornings, they're nice.
  14. Thanks so much for your kind advice. It's refreshing to hear that you know someone who has gone through something similar. Yeah, my sister is actually seeing a counselor, as well as her doctor. My mom says that it seems to be helping, but it is a long process to get her to open up to her. So my dad is thinking that there is no point... so I hope she does continue to go, because she needs all the help she can get. For the most part, the way I act towards her now is generally the same as before all of this happened. My mom and Dad seem to be having trouble with this though. My mom encourages her to go places with us, and tells her that she refuses to leave her alone in the house. So pretty much anywhere my mom goes my sister goes too, and often times my youngest sister will go as well, even if it's going to the grocery store or something. Which is good, because they can all talk and everything. My mom is having a hard time with treating her differently though, my dad does also. Both think that if they buy her whatever she wants, or essentially let her do whatever she wants, then it will make her feel better. Which can be hurtful to me and my youngest sister seeing as if we had wanted something from the store or whatever, my mom would likely forget, yet if my other sister were to ask, my mom will go out right then and get said thing. Anyway, thanks so much for your reply, you have given me some good advice. I am just going to pray a lot, I know that it will be a while before she gets better, and it is a strain on all of us. But I am hoping that we can get through it.
  15. horsesforlife

    what is your favorite animal??

    I bet nobody could POSSIBLY guess my favorite animal...