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  1. I've seen this game on another forum, and thought it'd be pretty fun. All you have to do, is post the number of posts the previous poster has. Have fun!
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    Your Wedding...

    I know it's another one of those girly topics, and it might be rather far off for some of us, but what do you girls want your wedding to be like? Small? Big? What sort of dress would you wear? Would you get married in a church? or somewhere else? Pretty much describe your dream wedding.
  3. horsesforlife

    Where were you born?

    I was born here in the USA in the western part of Massachusetts.
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    Which one do you least like to see on Facebook?

    Oh my gosh, there are so many of these I really don't like. I voted that the one I dislike most is the death announcement, mainly because a member of my family died unexpectedly two years ago, and another family member found out via Facebook, because everyone was posting about my family member's death. I just thought it was disrespectful. Another one I don't like is when significant others write mushy cheesy things on each other's facebook wall. Saying I love you is one thing, but posting a paragraph expressing your love? really? If the person means that much to you, tell them in person or in a text message at least.
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    What is appropriate attire at your church?

    At my church, there is a wide range of things that people will wear. A lot of the younger people will wear jeans and a T shirt to church, but there are also a lot of people that dress really nice too. I prefer to dress up for church, but that's just me. My mom and dad raised us to look our best at church.
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    What music do you prefer in worship?

    I actually prefer more traditional music at church. Not to say that I don't like contemporary stuff, but there's just something about hymns. I'm just an old soul I guess. haha.
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    School and things..

    Hi everyone, I know I haven't really been around on here lately, but I have been really busy working and going to school. That being said, I'm having a really hard time with my math class at college. Right now I'm not doing so well, and I really need to pass this class, because this is actually the third time I have taken it. I struggle so much with math. I have gotten a tutor, and am trying my best to have an open mind. But since the semester half way over, I really need your prayers. Also, in somewhat good news, I have been accepted as an alternate in the LPN/LVN one year nursing program at the school I go to. This means if someone decides not to go, or does not submit all their paperwork on time, then I will be able to enter the program in January. I really want this, and I am just hoping so much that I will be able to go. My Dream is to save lives and help people. So I was just hoping I could get some prayers please? it would mean a lot to me. Thanks everyone.
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    Black nail polish?

    I don't see a problem with wearing black nail polish, I don't wear it myself because it stains my nails and makes my skin look slightly washed out. But I'm not opposed to it. Just another way to express yourself, just like wearing pink,blue,purple, or any other kind of nail polish.
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    Short shorts

    Personally, I'm not a fan of short shorts, unfortunately for me all shorts look really short since I have long legs. But definitely if they show your butt, then that's a little inappropriate if you ask me.
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello Hannah! Welcome to CTF!
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    Hey! Welcome to CTF I hope you like it here.
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    What side do you part your hair on?

    I part mine to the left.
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    Unwanted. "Don't Come Home"

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having this problem. Maybe you could try asking them about it? Like for example the reason why they don't want you to come home during the Holidays Also maybe tell them how their behavior makes you feel. I'm not sure what other advice I can give you, but I hope this helps a little bit.
  14. Hey everyone, first off I'm going to apologize because this post is probably going to be pretty long, so those of you who read this, I just want to thank you. Here goes, okay so one of my younger sisters (because I have 2 younger sisters) has been going through some really hard/rough times in her life lately. She is 16 years old, and has been battling with depression for approximately the past 6 months, but maybe a little longer. At first, she was having a hard time with her body image, she thinks she is fat, even though she only weighs about 105 pounds, and this is after she has gained weight. At first she was about 95 pounds, (she's about 5'4" tall) and still trying to lose weight. All of a sudden, she wanted to "eat healthy" and started eating less and less food, or only eating food that has "no fat" and those 100 calorie snacks. She never ate any of the stuff she used to love, and insisted on eating tiny tiny portions at meals, and as a result, every time we go out to eat as a family, it's always a fight between her and my dad and my mom about what she wants to eat. Like I said earlier though, she has gained back some weight, only because my mom started taking her to the doctor, who tried explaining to her that she was not healthy and had to gain weight. Even after that she still eats the same way, yeah she has gained a little weight, but she is still underweight and her whole life is focused on not getting fat. From the moment she wakes up, until the moment she goes to bed she is thinking about how 'fat' she supposedly is. Keep in mind she has always been skinny, she was born premature, and has always had problems with nutrition, and when she was little, my mom could never get her to eat anything healthy, and all she wanted was cookies, and snacks. But even when she lived off those things, she was still always really skinny. So, on top of all this, a few months to a year after all that started, she became more and more withdrawn from me and my family. She has always kind of kept to herself and not had very many friends. But she became worse. She always is in her room, never wants to come out and talk to us, and my mom has to make her come out of her room and even when she does come out she doesn't say anything to anyone, she never says hello to anyone unless the address her first. My mom ended up taking her to a doctor about this, he told my mom that my sister had severe depression and was "at a high risk for suicide or self harm" (my cousin committed suicide about a year and a half ago, so the Dr. said because of that she is a higher risk) She goes to the doctor weekly now, and he has prescribed her two different medications for depression (I guess the first one wasn't helping enough) Since then, unfortunately not much has changed, my sister still refuses to talk to me and when I try, she just mumbles or makes noises in response, never really says anything using words. When she does, she uses one word replies. But, she is like that with everyone not only me. A few weeks ago, my sister thought she was "being rude to people" and punched herself in the face, and actually got a bruise from it. My dad saw the bruise at dinner and was obviously very upset, and she lied to him about how she got it. First she tried saying that she fell, but if she had fallen, it wouldn't have been in the spot where it was. So I knew that she was lying I knew that she had done it herself. I asked her point blank why did she punch herself, she got all red and embarrassed, and my mom refused to believe that she did it and kept trying to ask her if she fell. Finally, my mom asked if she had done it to herself on purpose, and she nodded. My dad got very angry because he assumed that because of this the medicine wasn't helping. But he does not understand that things aren't going to change overnight and the medicine alone is not going to make her better. My dad thought that it was my youngest sister's fault that my middle sister did this to herself. My youngest sister is 14, she feels as though she is being left out, and that since my mom is so focused on my 16 year old sister that she no longer cares or pays attention to her. So her and my mom were fighting about that the day before we noticed the bruise on my sister's face. So, my dad thinks that it is my youngest sisters fault that it happened. To some extent, it is true that my parents seem to be acting like they only have one child right now, and neither me or my other sister get much attention from my mom anymore. When me and my mom get time alone together, we always end up talking about my sisters problems and she will tell me about random conversations that they had and other things that don't seem relevant to me. Like, me and my mom will be talking about something totally different entirely, and all of a sudden, she starts talking about my sister again. My mom gets offended when I'm upset by this. But, I just don't think she understands how I'm feeling. The only way I get my mom's attention is if I'm doing or saying something she doesn't approve of. I love my mom and I know she means well but I don't think she realizes the extent of what she is doing. When I tell her how hard I'm trying to get my sister to talk to me and want to spend time with me, she just says I have to keep trying and doing the same thing. But my patience is wearing thin, my sister expects that she can just take her medicine and boom she will be better. But she too has to put forth an effort, but she is not. I have tried so hard to spend time with her, tried to rent movies and watch them with her, tried to talk to her about her feelings, tried taking her out to eat places, but she won't eat anything there because she thinks she's going to get fat. I just don't know what else to do. I am trying so hard to be patient, but its becoming harder and harder every day. My dad is very upset and thinks that her depression is situational, but it's not. Meaning my dad thinks that he has done something to her that makes her how she is. But my dad gets mad and yells at her and asks her what her problem is, and she starts crying and he gets mad at her for that too. I understand my dad is frustrated, but why would he do this? I just need help, what should I do? she is already getting medical attention, so that's not the answer I'm looking for. I just need to know where do I go from here? what can I do that will make my sister open up to me and feel that she can come to me and talk about things? What should I do when I get angry and feel like saying something not very nice to her? How can I get my dad to understand better? How can I get my mom to understand that not paying any attention to me is hurtful?
  15. Thank you I will surely keep that in mind. I will be praying a lot about it.
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    Morning Person or Night Owl?

    I tend to be a mix of both... but for the most part I end up going to bed pretty early, therefore waking up around 9 AM. I like mornings, they're nice.
  17. Thanks so much for your kind advice. It's refreshing to hear that you know someone who has gone through something similar. Yeah, my sister is actually seeing a counselor, as well as her doctor. My mom says that it seems to be helping, but it is a long process to get her to open up to her. So my dad is thinking that there is no point... so I hope she does continue to go, because she needs all the help she can get. For the most part, the way I act towards her now is generally the same as before all of this happened. My mom and Dad seem to be having trouble with this though. My mom encourages her to go places with us, and tells her that she refuses to leave her alone in the house. So pretty much anywhere my mom goes my sister goes too, and often times my youngest sister will go as well, even if it's going to the grocery store or something. Which is good, because they can all talk and everything. My mom is having a hard time with treating her differently though, my dad does also. Both think that if they buy her whatever she wants, or essentially let her do whatever she wants, then it will make her feel better. Which can be hurtful to me and my youngest sister seeing as if we had wanted something from the store or whatever, my mom would likely forget, yet if my other sister were to ask, my mom will go out right then and get said thing. Anyway, thanks so much for your reply, you have given me some good advice. I am just going to pray a lot, I know that it will be a while before she gets better, and it is a strain on all of us. But I am hoping that we can get through it.
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    what is your favorite animal??

    I bet nobody could POSSIBLY guess my favorite animal...
  19. My summer plans include taking summer classes at college most likely. Other than that there are no definite plans.
  20. Why thank you!

    I'm glad you like what I write!

    My favorite saint would have to be St. Bernadette. But there are several others I like also.

    What about you?

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    Hey, I'm new here....

    Hello and welcome to CTF! I hope that you like it here.
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    Boy/girl Name ABCs

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    True Or False!

    False... I was never that athletic. True or false.. you are procrastinating right now.
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    Get to know you better

    ooo I love fettuccine Alfredo. What do you like to do in your free time?