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    I'm big into music...whether that be listening to it, playing it, watching it, writing it, singin it, or whatever. I'm the lead guitarist for our youth band at church, and I've got a basic recording studio right here in my room :D. Other than that, I like hiking, camping, FOOTBALL :D, soccer, and a bunch of other stuff.<br /><br />IM me, PM me, whatever. Like most people, I can talk......
  1. Epiphonenprsrock

    The Number Game

    176 bottles of pepsi on the wall.............haha
  2. Epiphonenprsrock

    Will God punish a Christian for his sins on earth?

    Wow............now THATS what I needed to hear! Thanks! Anybody feel free to keep making comments I'd love to hear everybody's opinion.
  3. These are two questions I've been struggling with for nearly a year. If you have any comments on your answer, feel free to do so. I would love to hear your response.
  4. Epiphonenprsrock

    The "But" Game

    But my clothes are wet and I can't touch wires! get on facebook and write on my wall
  5. Epiphonenprsrock

    Have You Ever

    I've never even heard that song before haha HYE kissed a dog on the mouth? haha
  6. Epiphonenprsrock

    Do you like your name?

    eh...mines ok. my name's Matt Cooper but most people call me Coop
  7. Epiphonenprsrock

    Singing rock music

    I've learned how to sing rock pretty good over the last few weeks...All I know to do is be masculine, stay in a low octave, and sing as loud as you can without sounding like your belting it out if u know what i mean lol
  8. Epiphonenprsrock

    The "But" Game

    sweep all that hair out of the floor
  9. Epiphonenprsrock

    The "But" Game

    But I'm blind! The dog peed in the floor...clean it up!
  10. Epiphonenprsrock

    The "But" Game

    But I'm on a diet! Watch TV
  11. Epiphonenprsrock

    feeling like a faker

    I feel the same way
  12. Epiphonenprsrock

    Rate Da Sig!

    Totally agree. 9/10
  13. Epiphonenprsrock

    Can you...

    OUCH no Can you play guitar?
  14. Epiphonenprsrock

    Comment on the Avatar above you

    Ok people.......very simple. All you gotta do is make a random comment on the avatar of the person who posted before you. I'll start...wait nobody posted before me lol. Somebody comment mine then!
  15. Epiphonenprsrock

    The "But" Game

    Ok this game is very simple, but hilarious................ One person will give an order, and the next person gives a ridiculous excuse and hands out another order, and so forth... For example: Person 1: Clean your room Person 2: But the aliens said they'd blow up mars if I did! Wash the dog. Person 3: What dog? Fix me something to eat....... Ok you get the picture. Let me start us off..... My computer has a virus. Fix it.