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  1. sourbubblegum1

    would you

    the professor blantly told me that he wanted to have a fling with me and that he was checking me out in the swim pool because im very fit :| he is very weird. i will not go for this. i see why now he isnt married !
  2. sourbubblegum1

    Memory Loss

    thanks dan its like i almost want someone to say im making a big deal of nothing because i dont want anything bad to happen to me like lose my mind. also i dont have the money to take care of the problem right now so i have to wait and i dont want it to become more severe. the thing is i had this real bad for 2 years now, the memory loss is something new. but the extreme sence of not knowing where i am like i get lost in crowds or when i was at the mall today i called for help from my friend steve. i must not have had complete memory loss because i somehow said his name but it was like i didnt know where i was or i was not connected at all to my surroundings. i fell to the ground and steve walked me outside and then i was feeling a bit better. i hope that i get better thank you for your advice. i cant see a doc now because of money problems in my family, hope i will find another way to combat this for now, until i can get medical care when i graduate
  3. sourbubblegum1

    Memory Loss

    seriously im really worried and how serous should i take this? should i wait for it to leave or should i seek medical care asap. i was recently had an abnormal EEG with high risk for seizure but even that cant explain this. i had to call a friend twice to help me back to my apartment because everytime i walked out i felt disoriented and confused like i wasnt quite sure where i was. i kept saying ball state university but i was not sure what i was talking about. its like sometimes i am so far gone i just cant realize who is in front of me or where i am. this makes me frightened and scared. also with this i have been having memory loss. i recently found out my boyfriend from 2 years had two kids and he claims he told me but i somehow forgot that for 2 years. also i called my friend eric to pick me up because i was not feeling okay and i had to ask him his name. we were talking about running and then i said whats your name again? and he was staring at me like i was insane. ive known him for 3 years. im really worried whats going on, everytime i step out sometimes i feel lost like i cant tell where im at or who i am. its gotten so bad i can barely make it to class or go to a mall with a friend, i have been in my house all day. someone help.
  4. sourbubblegum1

    opinions please

    i wrote this about how i miss my old life and how i never had anything but i prefer to live in a lie. Change Walking across campus I notice the leaves change shade Change Just like dreams , life and its masquerade Sadly memories of you are to painful to erase When you feel comfortable take the mask off your face In my quest to find something I could touch that was real I found the life I was living was somehow surreal Trapped in my own false world and dream Living in a nightmare where I couldnt scream Life and its curse you can never escape So into the night I would wear my cape I prefer to be blind living in a world of deception The truth may seem to desolate in my perception. I don’t want your lies I don’t want the truth I don’t want life I don’t want youth I want what I always persisted To continue to have which never existed
  5. sourbubblegum1

    would you

    he randomly tried to txt me and u know what? THIS PROF IS INTERESTED IN ME! i cant believe it. but i wont go for him. it would be a fun story but i cant do it. im trying to change my ways. Fel
  6. sourbubblegum1

    long term - short term relationship

    isnt 3 years LONG term lol .
  7. sourbubblegum1

    does it matter

    thanks jess. i will take your advice. its good not to make fast decision lol
  8. sourbubblegum1

    does it matter

    i wanna date my friend but he wont because he says he is leavin in 3 years. so is it a problem or not? i mean 3 YEARS ! so should i persuade him or not . just say yes or no. if he thinks he is going to not stay in the state of indiana. big deal. what do u think
  9. sourbubblegum1

    dealing with Being single

    i couldnt stand to be single. im sure any one would date you. go out more and ask more people out im sure ull find someone soon
  10. sourbubblegum1

    long term - short term relationship

    being single is not fun. go out and have fun who knows what can happen
  11. sourbubblegum1

    long term - short term relationship

    not to sound rude but do u seriously plan to stay single for 3 years? who is the person
  12. sourbubblegum1


    i love pain
  13. sourbubblegum1


    i am wondering how i can restore my hearing? i used to listen to my headphones alot and i think i have bad hearing. i can barely hear people on he phone when the volume is on its max. i also have been told i talk really loud. is there anything i can do now? how can i avoid hearing loss?
  14. sourbubblegum1


    sorry i bumped this up i found out more information. More lies. His wife picked him up from the airport they are livig together. He told me he wasnt going back to her for 1 or 2 months. His friend told e the entire time we were together he would go with them to buy her stuff tell them how much he loves her. And also said i was annoying. He bought this ceramic box from me i made when i was in highschool well he didnt take him with him because he didnt want his wife to see it and he told his friends i made it for him. i did not i made it for class and i got a B on it. the day before he left he never planned to see me his friend told me he paid him money to visit me and buy me a gift because he has been with me for 2 years and should say bye to me. despite this he still emails me and says i love you, he still calls me, sends me gifts. why is he doing this to me? why would he not give a ###### about me and continue to try to save our friendship? i cant trust him and i feel like i was with a stranger for two years. should i ignore him or what now?
  15. sourbubblegum1

    who is more important

    i m losing everyone i love. this is turning ugly