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    I am a young Catholic girl depending on God's Grace and asking for His Divine Mercy.
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  1. Philomena

    The Catholic Thread

    Traditionalist here. Not fan of charismatic but the people are good.
  2. Philomena

    The Eucharist for Dummies

    Are you looking more for apologetics, testimonies, or theological discussion?
  3. I don't see what wrong with this. The doctor is trying to fix a biological problem with steroids. She is not trying to fix homosexuality but just ambiguous genitalia.
  4. Philomena

    The Gay Catholic Experience

    I'm sorry you are right. I was looking at the wrong word. The word used is arsenokoites which means literally "to lie with a man."
  5. Philomena

    The Gay Catholic Experience

    Citation? Proof? Because in the Greek malakos is used which means homosexual.
  6. Philomena

    The Gay Catholic Experience

    But what about 1 Corinthians 6:9?
  7. Nope. You see eyes. You are taking metaphors a little too far. You love animals at the expense of humans though.
  8. First of all, my last comment was joke seeing as neither go to Heaven. Second, you can't see a soul. Period.
  9. Seriously waiting for this thread to close. It's not a sin to care about them. It is a sin to care about them more than humans. By the way... dogs don't love. They simply follow instinct and pleasure. They are also territorial, protecting what they think is theirs. In the end, all dogs go to Heaven and the outer circle of hell is patroled by cats.
  10. Please don't get emotional every time someone contradict you.
  11. Hopeless, we have very different definitions of caring and loving.
  12. Philomena

    Help a make up novice.

    Here's a question after you answer the original poster. Which do you prefer liquid or the pencil? Why?
  13. ^agreed But you have equated a human life with that of an animal. Loving them equally is just as bad as loving animals more.
  14. Philomena

    who do you pray to as a Christian?

    *claps for parkingwars*
  15. You know you keep saying, "Am I the only one who cares about dogs?" I care, but I care about humans more. I am more concerned about getting these sadistic people too counseling because there is obviously something wrong with them.