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    BTW, I don't add randoms to my "Friends lists" and will delete you if you're only adding me to "up" your friend count. I now only add people I know very well. kthanx bai.
    Thanks for upping my 20,000+ profile view count. Mwahaha.
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  1. Hey hotness. What's your home address?

  2. Blue Steel

    Stuff you wish girls knew

    Well yeah, I get what you mean but their way of dressing is really none of our business and we shouldn't judge them. By no means am I saying that dressing in a mini skirt and a tube top to the park is okay, it's just a problem when girls blame the girl when she gets harassed by guys and worse, raped by what she's wearing. But it is human instinct to judge people by their clothes. We all judge people if they wear ugly, revealing, cheap or out of fashion clothing. I am so off topic, back to the thread. - I've said this before but I hate "Real beauty" campaigns that women start up. - Stop claiming to be anti-feminist. That's just ridiculous and it doesn't make you look cool.
  3. Blue Steel

    Stuff you wish girls knew

    HAHAH This. - Don't be hating on skinny girls. - Don't be hating on pretty girls. - Don't be hating on girls who like to have a good time by partying. (Why am I all ghetto now?) - Stop judging people by the way they dress. If they want to wear a mini-skirt and a tube top, LET THEM. Likewise if they want to wear a sweater their grandma knitted them with a nun outfit, let them. Sheesh.
  4. Blue Steel

    To the wonderful staff of CTF...

    I genuinely believed you were an admin at one point. I remember when one of the staff members got butthurt that you were posing as an admin. Made me lol.
  5. Blue Steel

    How to cake on make-up

    Hah, I still love my makeup.
  6. Blue Steel

    Casey Anthony...NOT GUILTY

    I have no idea who this woman is and I only just heard about here on memebase a few hours ago (I don't live in the US). I'm surprised as to why this story got so much media coverage. Anyway I don't think the jury are a bunch of idiots, there must be some reason as to why she was found innocent. The media can manipulate things into making people seem guilty just for ratings. And why would she have received the death penalty if found guilty for one murder?! That's ridiculous. EDIT: Okay, I read a few other articles and wow....she does seem guilty. But meh, as another poster stated there is no proof therefore she is not guilty.
  7. Blue Steel

    Is Bugs Bunny gay?

  8. Blue Steel

    Students Suspended For Wearing 'Racist' White T-shirts

    I doubt these boys were suspended on this incident alone. There were probably numerous incidents before the suspension regarding racist activity. I don't know about every school, but I'm certain that most schools only suspend repeat offenders. If it was on that particular incident alone (I doubt it) then yes, that was a stupid reason for suspension. Btw there's a difference between white pride groups and Asian pride groups. I mean there's nothing wrong with Irish pride groups, it just becomes a problem when you throw in the word "white"....especially when you're in the majority. Man, I wish people in the majority would stop complaining about minorities having their own groups, months, etc. At school we have a LGBT awareness day, why in the world would we need a heterosexual awareness day? Use your brains, people.
  9. Blue Steel

    Lilly is 12!

    Is this someone on CTF or....?
  10. AHAHAHAHA. The direction this thread is heading in is unbelievable. From Miley Cyrus to a conspiracy theory?! And yes, I am atheist.
  11. Blue Steel

    School Makes Girls Clean Urinals Barehanded

    I'm a feminazi and Imma cut you. Jk <3 Those bloody non-Americans and their low morals! The US is perfect, amazing and has never done anything wrong...oh wait.
  12. Blue Steel

    Which 1 of these improvements would make CTF more enjoyable?

    Geez man, he was just kidding. Stop taking things so seriously. Anyway I have doubts about all of these options so here's my 2 cents: #1 - Talking/annoying ads are not put on here intentionally, you can choose to report them. We can't send an email to Google saying "No annoying ads for my site plz". Take the initiative to report them rather than just whinging about them. #2 - Ugh...no. Just no. A like button would become a popularity contest. People would only start liking their buddies' posts and well written posts which deserve to be liked won't be if it's written by a new/not very popular member. And a dislike button? Seriously? Those with different views than the majority would be treated unfairly i.e. Me and the other awesome non-fundi/non-Christian members. # 3 - What would these forum accomplishments be? I don't think post counts should be regarded as one because some n00bs reach 2500 in a matter of weeks whereas some genuinely awesome members who have been around CTF for years haven't even gotten to a thousand. I'm sorry but posting in bored and forum games all the time (not that there's anything wrong with that) should not be an "accomplishment". Aren't those little titles under our username enough?
  13. That's exactly what she wants. She seems to want to be a sex symbol of some sort...but it just ain't working.