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  1. Sorry about the long delay. >.< I'm almost done with my post, and I should have it up soon-ish. I've been working 40 hours a week AND moving the past week, so it's been kinda crazy. I have my computer unpacked now though, so I'll get it up soon. :3
  2. Girl scout
  3. I just...keep seeing people pop up on here that I haven't seen in 5EVER.
  4. Tomato soup
  5. No...you only hate my face. *self-reflection*
  6. I'LL HAVE YOU KNOW, MADAM, THAT I HAVE A DRAFT SAVED OF MY POST. I just haven't finished it yet because I'm an ADULT. And I have ADULT reponsibilities! *harumphs*
  7. So is nomming. :3
  9. ^ This. This is an excellent idea.
  10. Hahah! No. But we didn't rack up our posts in the forum games. This is back when "bored" could reach 100 pages in less than a day. And we were in like 5 RPs at the same time, all of which were active. Multiple pages a day. I spent...way too much time on CTF. ._. In fact, I'm stuck with part of it forever. I actually agree with this. There's a lot of intellectuals on this site, and that's not necessarily a bad thing, but we could afford to tone it down a notch.
  11. They're also delicious in tacos. :3
  12. It's the pooooost ghoooooost, haunting you... So, do I need to make a profile if I'm just taking an existing character? Can I add to the existing character? Can I change the existing character? :3
  13. You see, kids, these wacky shenanigans are how one makes friends on CTF. I derailed many a thread back in my day. Ah yes... *reminisces* Back in my day, being a 10ker meant something.
  14. I would be lying if I said I didn't want to come visit and milk a goat. Because I've never milked anything, ever. And I'm curious. <.< >.>
  15. See, rabbits I can do something with. Maybe you'll finally pull your weight around here. <.<