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  1. Not yet, thank goodness... HYE tripped and had you food fly into someone else?
  2. Factual.
  3. ^ Does not like lurkers. D:
  4. The rain turns into a flood, which sweeps you off of MY HILL.
  5. My comfortor. What's the closest thing to you that smells nice?
  6. <div align='center'><span style="font-family:Franklin Gothic Medium">. </div></span>
  7. Purple or blue, depends on the day. Favorite thing to wear?
  8. Years ago. Around here, you learn to jump them pretty quickly. WWTLTY spent the weekend at the beach?
  9. I'll be touring and sight-seeing, so yes. TPBM spends most of their time barefoot?
  10. Still have the same ones. WWTLTY you fell flat on your face?
  11. Since W v N has died here, I'll be reviving it here for anyone who's interested.
  12. About a month ago. WWTLTY were in a treehouse?
  13. Xander.
  14. Contemplating