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  1. Doraematu

    What the Pope Is

    You look at the Spanish Inquisition and various other "conversions" through bloodshed, massacre, and torture as well as other unspeakable atrocities that occurred all under the banner of denomination and indoctrination. And tell me, wasn't Christ's name twisted into a "do whatever I want and get away with it because you're a heathen" badge? I firmly believe that church was intended as Christ also said "where two or more are gathered in my name", not as an establishment with corrupt hierarchy, vile worldly politics, money laundering, et cetera et cetera. I don't question Peter's legitimacy in terms of being in the New Testament, what I do contest is the pope's legitimacy. Yes Christ called Peter the rock, but so many churches have become so splintered, and wicked that it doesn't matter what foundation you have. Yes Catholocism may claim jurisdiction via historic ties to Peter, however that's Peter's church and I'm looking for God's. I view the commonly cited text that Peter himself was the rock and that in the end the teachings through Christ are what truly mattered. Did Christ not say "where two or more are gathered under my name"... I fail to see Christ saying "under... Peter, Pope, a Presidente" at all and that is what church should be I believe, and that is where Catholicism has hit some difficult times. The papal establishment has directly and indirectly killed and tortured enough people for the survivors and the rest to rebel and oust the regime if the church were another legitimate government. Not to mention that even present day scandals reveal the vile politics and worldly control. Money laundering and scandals of the sexual nature have occurred and I'm sure there's more to come from the present day establishment. With all this having been done, with all the killing that the Catholic Church either supported or failed to condemn (ie Nazis at the time the holocaust was taking place), after all failure to do what's right is bad, since God loves all his people... I see no difference from this establishment to a regime that is secular and totalitarian. Besides, if you look at it... Catholics are derived from the Western Roman Empire, meanwhile Eastern Orthodox are from the Eastern Roman Empire... and well Constantinople > Rome, okay my bad attempt at humor with no reason, well my reason would be this why should the pope be from Roma (no I did not misspell it) as oppose to Constantinople, looking at it historically. Yes I understand present-day Istanbul is Turkey's and is Muslim. And with the hats, I dunno the pope's hat looks pretty fly. I'm surprised they haven't put spinners on the popemobil... er rather his armored personal carrier. Question, yes it's a serious and legitimate question, are there bishopmobils and cardinalmobils? Or is the pope the only one that gets his own vehicle named after him? I'm just curious if the car also defines the person in authority.
  2. Doraematu

    What the Pope Is

    Why hasn't there been a nonCaucasian or a female pope? Not to mention what's with the all the hats? If the catholics are completely right then what hats do Jesus and God have? (this is not sarcastic or joking, I'm being pretty honest and serious here, I mean nuns, cardinals, bishops, and the pope himself have hats and there seems to be a nice progression in terms of importance.) With all the historical prejudices, Crusades, and inquisitions, as well as present day scandals, explain why should I view the pope anymore important or superior or a man with any more authority than the modern day Samaritan? (true there have been honest good Catholics and Catholic popes, however we must look at the whole picture and look at the establishment that has also perverted Christ's name for something of pain, and this itself makes me question the pope and any papal authority)
  3. Doraematu

    Government to apologize for slavery

    again, about time. A painful lesson that majority voice can be very wrong in cases.
  4. Doraematu

    Free Trade

    First and foremost as a Christian and even as just a simple human being living in this crazy world, I highly protest. I will say that free trade supports HIGHLY fail to consider what real life is... yes in a hypothetical situation, Country A and Country B will work things out and VIOLA! Commerce is at it's ideal level and joy and happiness spread throughout the land... HOWEVER, people fail to add the variables of this... Country B loans and invests much money to Country A in a slow but sure process to get to it's position of higher industrial production while Country A eventually decays into a position of being dependent and second rate. Another variable is: Country B produces cheap, second rate products without as much consideration to health procedures or environmental cleanliness and not only pollutes and destroys the global environment, and health/well-being of all peoples, but also the consumers in Country A now are left with the consumption of terrible products (ie toys with lead) and the terrible consequences. Not to mention Country A can't take swift recourse or action against Country B because Country B has those loans and investments, not to mention both Country A and Country B have nukes. Therefore bring justice to those responsible is now potentially unattainable or potentially greatly hampered. And yet another variable: Country B is a nation where wealth is distributed to only the few governmental people while the many suffer at an appalling bare minimum wage that will not raise... Therefore, Country A, in proceeding with free trade, has reached a problem. Country B's government refuses to allow the wealth to get to the overall populace within it's own populace and allows the government and corporate heads to profit greatly while the few profit and the many continue to live in squalor and backwater conditions... and now Country A is on the very verge of the same condition with foreclosures and unemployment reaching untold highs. oddly enough, the variables are the variables in play in the world we live in. People use numbers of South Korea's and China's growing economy to show that free trade brings good. However, I will cite that there is a major difference in that government procedure within each nation is HIGHLY different. China's numbers are not lies, I do not contest that, however the numbers aren't revealing how much profit the billions of people are receiving. Therefore the numbers and so called evidence that free trade is good may be true, but again, numerous variables must be taken into consideration before enacting... something we failed to do. Correlation DOES NOT equal causation, this line is relevant to the topic of free trade, especially when numerous relevant and legitimate topics are not fully addressed and their gravity appreciated. Shame though, the free trade principle is right now increasing the amount of home foreclosures and bankruptcies as outsourcing is occurring left and right, is allowing governments to let corporations destroy the environment, perpetuate the inhuman conditions of the masses, all at the belief that the world is preforming at an optimum level. In all actuality I will make another claim (granted it's separate from this topic, but in many ways explains why I am weary of free trade) Simple Q and A time to demonstrate this claim... Who sends lobbyists to the government so the voice of the people is silenced by money? Big Business. Who profits from outsourcing, even when government loses it's tax revenue and people lose their jobs (or at least the decent paying ones, both blue and white collar) as well as foreclosures on their homes themselves? Big Business. Who controls most all the sources of information that is given to people? Big Business. (Yes, Mass Media is big business, let's face it if sex sells well look at your TV commercials and enjoy mass media bombardment) Who wants to go global? Big Business. BUT let's go further... Who funds Big Business, controls the market (as in they have made the economy higher and crash), AND prints the money/regulates money supply? Bankers. (Federal Reserve, which was formulated and regulated by regular bankers since the beginning and the Great Depression saw many great business tycoons quietly pull out before the crash [yes That is why true communism and socialism is at least more ideally considerate to human rights to justice and security. Meanwhile, complete free trade makes governments, such as the US government receive the blame for the rise in unemployment and the like, while certain businesses make record breaking profit. (yes certain amounts of blame should be placed on government) however the puppet should not be completely blamed for the show... and the show should not be blamed as the puppet master is still in control. Ultimately I believe bankers control a lot, and as soon as the economy "reaches the optimum level" I wonder, who regulates.... and whoever regulates it, and however it is done... shouldn't it be fair? As in the people should have more of a say or at least consideration? At least true socialism and communism make attempts fair. It's just those ideas, much like Free Trade, again, lack consideration to all variables.
  5. Doraematu

    Should the CTF Marriage Thread be Closed

    Lawl... kids will be kids, I say keep it... Intrawebz... we know drama!
  6. Doraematu

    Are we controlled by destiny?

    I believe we do have free will, but God being all knowing and all powerful obviously will know our thoughts, hearts, souls, choices, actions, and lives. This being said perhaps this may be "destiny" to extents and degrees... but I mean you look at it. Jesus Christ himself, he had a destiny and of course he had a choice just as the first Adam did. Perhaps it's destiny with choice, if that makes sense, as paradoxical as it is. (I always did wonder though... what happened to the teen and twenty years of Christ... 12-30 not being accounted for, shows me that either we make adolescence a bigger deal than it is, OR something major happened in which we all must just hold the faith, I'm just a kid, if anyone knows more please say so) But no matter what dictates the present or eternity, free will and chance, or design and destiny, or even all of those, if God is okay with it, then shouldn't we? After all in the grand scheme of eternity, what does it matter, is it not good? I guess we'll find out in the end, won't we?
  7. Doraematu


    The occupation of Palestine, I just realized I neglected to discuss on that one. It's a fragile line, common sense will dictate that even the victims of oppression can become quite the oppressors when given the chance. I don't like the thought of any group of peoples "occupying" others, to me it doesn't sound ethical or right. So in all honesty I'd say it depends. From the Israeli perspective, you give them the Palestinians their own lands, they'll launch RPG's like no other from their newly acquired land(s), which they have... self preservation and the will to keep your populace and your own regime safe would dictate a firm no in terms of giving them their own land, thus occupation remains essential. From the Palestinian perspective it's a mix. Some of them view it as Israel is a good nation and would like to be a part of it while militants keep ruining it for everyone else. Where as some view it as Israel's unethical, biased, unfair, and unjust actions drive them to the breaking point, not to mention arrests and possible "interrogation"/torture. i still don't like the idea of oppression, me, I'd like it if the road less traveled was followed through and somehow people would enact, and follow through, with a detente on both sides. Ideally.... and that's if you're an idealist. Realistically, as souls dwelling in this world realize (hopefully) quickly, trust and friendship are fragile things, easily broken and hard to rebuild. I stand on the side of, "I wish there was another way besides oppression of anyone.
  8. it occurred to me... I don't have any friendies added here... my tribute is to God and Jesus, and myself. OH and you can't forget about MC Hammer
  9. Doraematu

    3rd time married..

    Congratulations, but couldn't you have picked a better person to marry you guys? *gives a wedding gift consisting of a fruit basket containing pomegranates and papayas*
  10. Doraematu


    no choice really, kinda committed until 2017 in terms of providing funding. Yes things can get altered and revoked, but really what does it matter? Present day Israel has proven it can fight a war. Not to mention they have an anti-ballistics missile system, satellite system, and possibly nukes. I'm not too worried for them, besides they got ex CIA ex KGB and ex just about every military organization in the world, working for them. So we probably could ease off.
  11. Doraematu

    Your screen name

    Mine is from a great song... pure instrumental.
  12. Doraematu

    Global Gag rule?

    Correlation DOES NOT equal causation. If we're considering US aid, we must consider even more factors than this. I wouldn't exactly say it's a gag rule so much as a matter of politics. Charity isn't as simple as it originally should be. There are many other factors that must be considered in this topic. The rest I leave up to you.
  13. Doraematu

    Illegal Immigration

    I am against illegal immigrants and am a true conservative... as in this. Everyone that isn't of Native American heritage, or African American (after, many of them didn't have a choice) should be allowed to not only remain, but should be the true US government. After all Europeans not only invaded, raped, diseased, and killed them, but seized their lands and dared to have the audacity to claim "freedom" and "ownership" of the land. Not to mention it gets worse in that even when tribes were given "legitimate" ownership to lands that were already theres... and courts even recognized this... military action was taken in terms of a pretty massive genocide to these victims. Therefore the way how I view illegal immigrants, respective tribes should be allowed to govern their respective original areas as they choose and deem fit... as in if they want to reinstate their old laws, so be it, if they want all people out, then so be it. I know this will never happen, but it's something that people need to realize and at least consider when talking about "freedom" and "illegal immigrants".
  14. Doraematu

    Situation Iraq

    FREEDOM! Take it for granted because we don't know what oppression means. This is my second attempt at this, (the first was too detailed) first and foremost infrastructure... get running water provided everywhere, as well as electricity and transportation. Another major thing, make sure everyone not only has basic provisions, but also safe, secure, and stable jobs and good employment. Then to allow a decent and reasonable exit strategy of an organized withdrawal of troops, we need to ensure that Iraq has sensible leadership. (for sensible leadership read Sun Tzu's Art of War), basically someone moral, just, rational, someone who truly knows how to serve the nation properly, not some inept puppet regime. For their military, they need to be properly trained, equipped, and loyalty is essential. As well as a major decrease on all corruption. Furthermore they need to have future and stable alliances and trade rights with many nations so resources can be aided in the proper manner should something bad occur. I know this won't happen, but it's what's sensible and here's why. Most every person in the world with most every religion in the world, like stability. Freedom doesn't matter to good parents if they can't provide... (people Maslow's hierarchy of needs does make rational sense) and therefore freedom doesn't matter. Shoot government doesn't matter to most people, so long as they can provide for themselves and the government doesn't interfere in an unreasonable manner and provides safety, people are happy. That's what we can do for Iraq the right way, where we're at now. What we can do for ourselves is just as important... that is this. Learn. First and foremost, NEVER go into any venture with short term gain in mind without properly considering the long term events. This means having good contingency plans and sound exit strategies. As soon as you commit and don't have yourself options in this world, then your enemies dictate your strategies in terms of the military, political, social, and even religious. This being properly established we can learn from this and apply it to ourselves (a million dollars for the domestic goes much better than the international, simple principle of distance being a major factor) as in economic reforms and proper provisions for those in the ghettos. Not to mention we as people need to realize that if we're willing to spend billions to oust regimes and hunt "terrorists" then we should be willing to spend millions for the infrastructure. Important things that must permeate our over medicated MTV addicted minds would be that apathy does not solve anything and our contentment in disillusioned freedom should not be spread to others. Post Scriptum: Lack of Media Coverage: Mass Media is fickle and is untrustworthy... they're a multi million dollar business, and as we know, business is in it for the money, sorta like the music industry... the money first, the art and original purpose is secondary. Therefore Lack of Media Coverage is expected. Oil/Gas: Supply and demand has been altered... the government's and oil corporations reserves have increased... but they refuse to change the amount they're willing to provide for the simple reason of ensuring they have a profitable longer future. Not to mention they can still raise prices in a steady manner to ensure their profits and a slow raise isn't like a sudden one which upsets people more. Thereby allowing a nice profitable wave.
  15. Doraematu

    Free Trade

    Free Trade, IN THEORY, is good for the global population. However in practice for the present day... it fails, hard. unless you're a decedent of the Morgans, Warburgs, Rockefellers, and other "captains of industry"/Robber Barons. We have become more of a nation that has slashed her industries for service jobs, and while that may be good for now, the trouble is when it hits the fan, we will have lacked our foundation, which we have deprived ourself by outsourcing it, for production. Always has come down to the few wealthy and the plebs and proletariats. There was a reason why original conservatives fought against the national bank and free trade for America... and you go even more conservative, there was a reason why native americans and other peoples used the bartering system.