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  1. Hello beautiful ;) when are you coming to visit me??

  2. Phoenix.

    Tattoos and Piercings

    Good Lord I have missed you. But please get those pens out of your lobes. For the record I have 9ish hours worth of tattooing and 7 piercings. Planning on getting more of both.
  3. Phoenix.

    Picture Post

    YES. Come get tattoos kids, all the cool guys have them!
  4. Phoenix.

    Another CTF meetup. =)

    ^ Lol. Forever yes. They would have really curly black hair. Super cute.
  5. Pretty swell. Just tryin' to work a bit and get some money ready to start school again lol. I've missed your Canadian face around here. x

  6. Phoenix.

    Happy Birthday -L-

    omg. I missed my own CTF birthday. *facepalm*
  7. I didn't like The Avengers movie at all.
  8. Happy Birthday to the dark knight of CTF -L- Happy 5th Birthday Matt, I made this especially. Have a wonderful day Matty <3
  9. It was super duper :). How was yours?!

  10. Phoenix.

    Picture Post

    Even wearing a bra, which you could literally stuff with melons outside of your tshirt, you are still amazingly beautiful.
  11. Yay Mark! Hope you had a wonderful summer <3 x

  12. Your wish has been granted

  13. Who does like Blizz these days. Tbh they are wayyyy too overhyped for my liking.