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    Heretic engaged to a Catholic. Dirty hippie. Running around from here to there. Livin' tha thug lyf.

    All of my friends seem to get banned.
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    the proper coast, currently
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    42. irrelevant questions. math. babies. being an old fart.
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    Your mom
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    Pre-Catholic. Unitarian Universalist, Agnostic/Atheist and loving it
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  1. mintchocochip

    Hair & Sleep

    I have pretty long hair (waist length) and I take it down to sleep.
  2. I love and miss you, too!

  3. I love you and miss you.

  4. mintchocochip

    Asthmatics of the CTF world - UNITE!

    Makes you spit blood? What kind of exercise induced asthma do YOU have? They do give you inhalers - I have albuterol. I think you need to see a new doc....
  5. mintchocochip

    I wanna die because of daily headaches.

    Could be your medication - symptoms a certain # of hours after taking. Could be caffeine - from coffee or tea. Could be artificial sweeteners, preservatives, additives, etc. - keep a food diary. (I've been sensitive to both food colourings and peanut butter, alternately. I'm also sensitive to dairy and stevia) Could be a cluster headache - if the pain is that severe. They are recurring. I'm dealing with a bout of them right now, I think due to the stevia I had Could also be gluten, dairy, corn, or soy. And - finally - it could be eye strain. I get headaches when I wear my reading glasses too often, so I rarely use them.
  6. mintchocochip

    Prayers for Jakob

    Jakob is going through a rough time right now and could really use your prayers.
  7. mintchocochip

    Older or Younger Guys?

    Ha... I read that wrong. Thought you said he was 3.5 years younger than you. I was like hmmm you are dating a 16 year old? And you started dating him when he was 13? I guess I am just really tired tonight.... To add to this thread: my boyfriend is 2.5 years older than me. Honestly never occurred to me about age.
  8. mintchocochip

    Weed. Yeah, I said it.

    but... weed is good. It's an effective medicine, a pleasurable substance, and a reasonably healthy way to change ones perceptions temporarily. And it's always amusing to do a good ole "Jesus and Cannabis" google search.
  9. mintchocochip

    Picture Post

  10. mintchocochip

    Um, kinda gross but...

    Most likely they are normal. Probably Montgomery glands. Caution: picture of boobies inside the link. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Areolar_glands
  11. mintchocochip

    Does 1=0.999999999...

    .9999 will continue to get closer to 1 but never reach 1. This never made sense to me.
  12. mintchocochip

    Breastfeeding/Nursing in Public

    We aren't talking "Roman Charity" here. Adults do not need to breastfeed and are not getting their needs met by breastfeeding as babies are.... Babies NEED their mums and they NEED to nurse!
  13. mintchocochip

    Breastfeeding/Nursing in Public

    Adult breastfeeding is basically a fetish and should only happen in private because it is a sexual act. If you sat staring at a woman's breasts, or if you took a video of a woman's breasts and followed her around just taking video of her boobs that would be wrong. Obviously. So why would you do it if she had a child nursing? The same way you should not ordinarily give extra attention to a woman's breasts, the fact that she has a child nursing is no different. You shouldn't stare.