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  1. I lapse here and there too, love. Don't give up. His love always calls us back to Him. I got you! <3
  2. I was watching it with a friend, and when Rey said "you're afraid you'll never be as strong as Darth Vader" she blurted out "you will never be Mufasa!" (from the lion king 2 movie) and so it kind of became a joke with us.
  3. I just use eyeliner.
  4. I remember you!
  5. "You will never be Mufasa!" - Rey to Kylo Ren probably
  6. xD I've been good! I find out if I get into grad school this month, super anxious about that!
  7. :| Hai.

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    2. Selah


      It's just me being socially awkward tbh

    3. Yoda


      How are you a lapsed catholic Zabby? That is quite disappointing. :/ 

    4. Zabby


      I don't go to mass as often as I ought and I've gotten lazy in some of the other spiritual practices I used to do. The transition from the student world to the adult world has been an interesting one and left me in a spiritually odd place.

  8. So I joined in like 2008 when I was 18 and really, really silly. I'm almost 30 now :| (27, but eh) But I just remembered this forum existed! Am I...allowed to post still? Zabby, are you still here? Anyhow, hi. Again. *hides*
  9. I like him.
  10. "We're gonna steal the declaration of Jesus!"
  11. Apocatastasis (universalism) was condemned as a heresy at the Council of Constantinople in 453, with Origen excommunicated for teaching it (though that was more because he taught the preexistence of souls, but eh). You can certainly hope and pray for all to be saved, and trust in God's mercy; but it is not a teaching. Otherwise, what would the point of salvation be?
  12. That's what I figured. Again, I've only ever come across the hypers xD
  13. We ask for them to pray for us for the same reason I would ask you to pray for me. We can go straight to God. Whoever told you that is wrong.
  14. Hey now...come on. The Calvinist view of God isn't that bad. I mean yes, hyper-calvinism is a drag, but I am pretty sure Nicene Nerd isn't one.
  15. YAY! Babies! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!