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    Howdy! My name's and I'm a 24 year old Catholic studying School Psychology in Washington State. Prior to moving to WA I lived in Texas and am the loudest, proudest, member of the Fightin Texas Aggie Class of 2013! AYYY WHOOP! <3

    I'm pretty laid back and always up to visit so, please, feel free to shoot me a PM anytime!

    Gig'em and God Bless!
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    Eastern Washington
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    School Psychology. ADHD. Learning Disabilities. Different School Systems and Pedagogies. Kids. Teens. Neuroscience. Aggie Football. Country Dancing. Kayaking. Ice Skating. Kayaking. Hiking. Nature. Polo. Long walks in the woods. Being an Idealist. Hummingbirds. Tiny Houses. Old Disney Movies. 90s Music. Attempting to Learn the Guitar. Daydreaming. Swing Dancing. Singing. Baking. Knowing the Names of Birds. Old Mickey Mouse Cartoons. Doctor Who?. Writing. Harry Potter. RPGs. Spending too much time on the internet. Coffee. Tom Hiddleston. Dipping Nilla Wafers in Earl Grey Tea and Pretending I'm Fancy. The Proud Nation of TEXAS. Catholicism. The San Antonio Spurs. Brandi Carlisle. Outdoor Concerts. Hippotherapy.

    In no particular order, mind you. If you share any of these intrests let me know! We should visit. <3
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    Happy Catholic
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  1. Those drive me nuts! Granted, I've never actually been explicitly invited to one (probably a good thing) but I've got so many people on FB who are all "Guys, you know I don't like to hawk my stuff because I love my stuff and it's wonderful and JUST BUY NORWEX!" The boss is observing me at one of my meetings tomorrow.... and I'm wishing so much that he could have picked another. Ugh. This new school, it's like, I don't hate it. They're good people and I'm glad to help but I just don't feel like I have a good grip there.
  2. For Clinical Psych I imagine, probably counseling too. Anything a whole bunch of people want to do. Which is why there's tons of non-competitive programs and job openings for school psychologists! *laughs at own joke* *smaller laugh* *smaller laugh* *muted sobbing* I'm struggling a bit right now.... Not because of my job really just because of me... in my job.
  3. Nice!
  4. There you go then. Add this to your thought bank next time you are anxious about a test "that one day I was sure I failed, but I did not."
  5. It should be. I bought it on May 23rd of last year (and its a one year warranty) but I'm not sure whether or not this will be covered. I'm not overly rough on the thing and the hinge itself breaking wasn't the result of a fall or anything but it does travel with me and has a few scrapes and bruises. Particularly, a few months ago it got dropped on a tile floor in an airport (a women with 4 screaming kids and a giant stroller ran into me in the security line... *sigh*). I guess it doesn't hurt to try though.
  6. One of the hinges broke on my laptop. Only 11 months old, still works fine (though I can't close it well) and running excellently in all other areas *sigh* and its like, you can just TELL looking at the hinge that it's stupidly designed. Oh well.
  7. Eh. Likely to be a learning experience but you never know.
  8. What sort of decisions?
  9. I've got reports to present Friday, Monday, and Tuesday..... none of which are completed yet. *screams internally*
  10. Yes. I think it would be more abnormal NOT to end up questioning your beliefs from time to time. Anything in particular bothering you?
  11. Glad you found a good person.
  12. Why are you back in my life? I'm glad that you enjoy my company. I'm glad that we're on good terms but really don't you get it? I can't say no to you. Worse, now that you're closer I find myself wanting to check up on you. Did you get that thing you need for work? Have you settled in ok? It's pathetic and I hate myself for it. You've done nothing wrong, of course, but at the same time it's hard to believe you're really that emotionally illiterate.
  13. Phone calls are the worst. It's weird because I've gotten pretty ok with calling parents on the phone but if it's one of my coworkers I REALLY prefer to meet them in person. I'm ok if they call me but I always assume I'm in trouble. I did find an interpreter though so I'm feeling ok about life right now. Still really busy, but the nerves are down. Most of the time I'm ok but some things and I'm just up to eleven. Less coffee, more protien. I should probably follow my own advice once in a while. Such a terrible adult.
  14. I'm sorry. That sounds very difficult. Working around death would be very challenging but you sat with him for a while, and I'm sure that meant something. And I guess. I dunno, I'm not any sort of greatly social person but I do ok most of the time. Its just some things? I think I just worry too much about disappointing or inconveniencing people. Not a bad day really, just stressful and not as productive as I would have hoped.
  15. Late spring is collectively terrible for all educators.... that's why we get summers off to recuperate. I'm starting to think I may need to do something about work though. I'm a worrier but about stupid stupid things. Like, I'm actually pretty confident about my reports and recommendations (at least academic recommendations, behavior is still really tough) and I really love what I do but I get tripped up on the dumbest things. I hesitate and hesitate to call parents. I write and re-write emails five to ten times (not being hyperbolic with that one). And like I messed up something and didn't book a Spanish interpreter and I'm trying to fix it but it's like all I can think about.... granted part of that may be that I got "sorry I'm booked" from five different people today and the sixth only gave me a half answer but the whole reason I probably didn't book it in time was because I couldn't catch my person in person and "oh gosh but what if she doesn't remember who I am" or "oh gosh what if I'm imposing". Which I mean now I definently am because I'm scrambling to find a last minute interpreter... oy vey//end rant.