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    Howdy! My name's and I'm a 24 year old Catholic studying School Psychology in Washington State. Prior to moving to WA I lived in Texas and am the loudest, proudest, member of the Fightin Texas Aggie Class of 2013! AYYY WHOOP! <3

    I'm pretty laid back and always up to visit so, please, feel free to shoot me a PM anytime!

    Gig'em and God Bless!
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    Eastern Washington
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    School Psychology. ADHD. Learning Disabilities. Different School Systems and Pedagogies. Kids. Teens. Neuroscience. Aggie Football. Country Dancing. Kayaking. Ice Skating. Kayaking. Hiking. Nature. Polo. Long walks in the woods. Being an Idealist. Hummingbirds. Tiny Houses. Old Disney Movies. 90s Music. Attempting to Learn the Guitar. Daydreaming. Swing Dancing. Singing. Baking. Knowing the Names of Birds. Old Mickey Mouse Cartoons. Doctor Who?. Writing. Harry Potter. RPGs. Spending too much time on the internet. Coffee. Tom Hiddleston. Dipping Nilla Wafers in Earl Grey Tea and Pretending I'm Fancy. The Proud Nation of TEXAS. Catholicism. The San Antonio Spurs. Brandi Carlisle. Outdoor Concerts. Hippotherapy.

    In no particular order, mind you. If you share any of these intrests let me know! We should visit. <3
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    Frazzled Student
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    Happy Catholic
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  1. I'm sorry Jazzy. Sounds like a rough week.
  2. Abbeh <3
  3. Haha. I should probably do something like that. I'm thinking of ordering a fitbit for myself once I get paid this much.... I think I may be in for a rude awakening in realizing how sedentary I really am.
  4. I'm having an exceptionally difficult time concentrating at work this afternoon. Bleck.
  5. I love my job but I feel like it's a position where I have to be the bad guy a lot. And then people tell me they think I'm a bad guy and I'm like MAYBE I ACTUALLY AM HORRIBLE BECAUSE THESE GUYS HAVE BEEN WORKING HERE A HECK OF A LOT LONGER THAN ME. Ugh.
  6. Howdy Richard. I'll take a look. RP over here is dead dead dead but I've been itching to write a bit.
  7. No worries. I'm sure you're fine as far as loving your friends equally it's just been my experience that some Christians don't realize when their behaviors around their gay friends is messing up their social ability in that situation. For example, I had a close friend in college who very much loved the few gay people she found herself around but that didn't change the fact that she was visibly uncomfortable whenever they were with their significant others in her presence. I don't know you in real life, so I don't really know if you're unconsciously doing these things or not. It's just something to think about. And the social outcast thing is rough, but to a certain extent it comes with the territory of being a Christian. My advice to you would be to try to find a group of like minded peers. A youth group in your area maybe, even if it's not directly your denomination it is often helpful to have a group of people who think the same way. For your existing friends, you can just keep doing what you're doing. Be friendly, talk about things you've always talked about. Prom will likely be awkward but it may still be enjoyable.
  8. Welp, no one ever said the Christian walk would be easy. Your situation is a bit tricky because if you truly believe that homosexuality is a sin then you're kind of stuck. That said, you may want to watch out for behaviors that may be adding to the homophobic label. The thing about Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin is that a lot of them really arn't comfortable being around it. They might unconsciously avoid homosexual couples or people or seem uptight when a guy starts talking about his girlfriend. Now, the problem of course here is that you're in drama so there will be gays. Tough luck. If you want to act and conduct yourself in a way befitting to your beliefs surrounding homosexuality you're just going to come off as being "homophobic". And its not bad, just make sure you arn't doing anything like averting your eyes when gay couple enters, ignoring a gay partner of a friend, or really treating them any different than you would a normal couple in day to day life. They're homosexuals, not aliens. That said, no one likes hanging around with their exes in the company of new partners and it's perfectly fine to not want to hang out with your ex and his new boyfriend. Just frame as an "ex" thing and not a "gay" thing. I doubt you'd want to hang out with him and a new female partner either. As for prom, maybe consider reaching outside your group some? If there's another group you kind of know but wern't really considering, maybe that would be a better option for you. Homosexuality is THE sticky issue for modern Christian teens and young adults. The hard truth is that outside of Christian circles your views on homosexuality will not be accepted and you're going to have to figure out how to deal with that yourself. Good luck.
  9. Shoot I've never had bendiness.... My riding instructor keeps telling me I need to work on loosening my hip flexors but it's just not happening.
  10. Psh. Ya'll are all way fancier than me. Hair pulled up. Some foundation/spot treatment as necessary. Lil eyeliner. Lil mascara. Done. Boom. I mean realistically I probably just look like a slob but I haven't quite gotten the motivation to figure out the whole hair/makeup schtick yet.
  11. But curly hair is so pretty. <3 My hair is long, thick, wavy and a sort of brownish blonde. I was going to go darker over the winter but never got around to it... I'd like to dye it pink this summer but I'm bridesmaid in my friends wedding early july and I'm pretty sure my buddy wouldn't appreciate me looking like a my little pony when she's up at the altar.... Though who knows, could be kinda funny.
  12. I have a student who keeps tearing up his classroom and I've thrown all my tricks at it and I'm out of ideas. It's like he erupts after you praise him or give him a reward. Not immediately, but a few minutes later. GAH. Kindergarteners, man.
  13. Everyone's damaged darlin. That and most people just don't watch other people that closely. We're all essentially self-absorbed, up in our own heads. Mind you I get that it's hard. I've been working at this school all year and I still feel anxious around most everyone but if I'm realistic I think most people find me tolerable enough.
  14. Well, anytime you quit a major caffeine habit you should expect some wonkiness for a bit. It's a drug after all. *shrugs* I don't drink much soda but I down coffee like it's going out of style. I actually feel least anxious when I'm pretty dosed up (as long as I've eaten something) because I just don't feel "sharp" when I'm not caffeinated. Without caffeine I'm terribly scatterbrained. Like, get distracted and move to something else four times during a three line email scatterbrained. If I don't drink caffeine I am/feel inefficient. If I feel inefficient I become anxious or feel bad about myself and what I'm accomplishing. I've dealt with depression in the past (that I now think was less clinical and more environmental in nature) but my current hypotheses is that I'm dealing with long untreated ADHD that's overtime caused inferior social skills, low levels of anxiety (but higher with social-situations), and a lack of self-esteem/general self-efficacy. But then I also may be waaayyyy over pathologizing myself. I'm a school psychologist after all, maybe I just see executive functioning issues everywhere. Um where was I? Right. Moral of the story. If you can't lose the caffeine at least consider adding more water, veggies, and protein to your life.
  15. *sagely nod* So old. Well, I like education but I'm biased. However, if your school has a good program you could check it out. I don't really know as much as I should about other branches of psychology or the best way to figure out if their a fit for ya. I mean I took a ton of psych classes but honestly I had know idea what I was going to do until my senior year.... the bothersome thing about psychology is that you pretty much have to do a masters to get to do what you want to do.