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    I'm old as dirt. I give IQ tests for a living and ride horses sometimes.
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  1. Marley

    Is this place dead?

    It's allowed, the forum's just dead. A few of us moved over to Iwaku roleplay for a bit but as far as I'm aware no one's really active over there either atm.
  2. Marley

    The walking dead is a shame

    Ya know I'd think that a Christian would be more tasked with worrying about the glorification of violence, the language, and all that but.... leftism? Gotta admit that's not what really hit me on the head from it. Not gonna lie though, Zombies are a guilty pleasure of mine. Haven't seen the new episode yet. No spoilers.
  3. Hahaha Biology joke. I don't want to get kicked off the forum..... Or maybe I do. I dunno.
  4. I think aromanticism in particular is just really far from most peoples experience and asexuality, while more people know what it means, almost seems like some sort of pathology. Like if you don't want sex you must be scared or it or made nervous by it somewhere deep down inside. I mean evolution's four F's are fighting, fleeing, feeding, and reproducing right? Knock one of those base instincts out and are you *really* functioning properly. I'm joking of course, but I think it's something like that. Personally I'm not huge on affixing labels to sexuality since I think things can grow and change and that that is valid but eh. I'm not gonna fault anyone for finding an idea that helps them make sense of who they are. Life's too short. And your not the first atheist whose wondered onto this site. All are welcome despite the fact that the boards haven't had a pulse in over two years.
  5. Marley

    Wow has it been awhile

    Hubby <3
  6. Marley

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    I'm like, really really over work right now. There's always last minute stuff but it's not even like I'm more stressedor busy..... but its nice out and there's only 7 school days left and I'm just kinda like *meh*
  7. Marley

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Not a scam it turns out! It was actually a pretty odd situation though. The complex is being sold to another individual in about a week but that person wanted to have all the units rented when they took over so they were trying to get the last place rented quick.... They basically signed me on good faith and a look at one of my pay stubs... didn't even do a background check. But then again it makes sense. Their selling the place. I'm only their problem for another couple weeks. I really like the little thing but I am having some doubts about the location. Not the best neighborhood in the little town but not bad. I think it'll be ok. Hopefully I didn't just make some aweful mistake.
  8. Marley

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Yay Beckeh! I'm signing a lease on a little Duplex today... I'm about 87% sure it's not a scam so here's hoping.
  9. Marley

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Oh definitely agree. And hey, you can always go back. I'm just saying you're eventually going to have to settle. Plus, I still think you'd be great at occupational therapy or speech therapy. You'd get to work with kids but not as emotionally heavy. Or maybe nutrition if you wanted to work with older people but not be as tied in emotionally. You'll find something.
  10. Marley

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Yea, service jobs are pretty emotionally heavy. For me, that's what makes it interesting but I'm also able to drop it at the end of the day better than a lot of people. That said, you need to be careful about about being too focused on finding "perfect". I love my job, but there are days when I find myself thinking about doing something else and it's about the same with everything. There needs to be a balance between soul searching and action.
  11. Marley

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    That seems unusual for you.... but maybe fortunate. I feel like ISTJs are probably one of the types most suited to handling the grind of real life. I usually test INFP with INFJ every once in a while. We're just dreamy perpetually dissatisfied idealists.
  12. Marley

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Those drive me nuts! Granted, I've never actually been explicitly invited to one (probably a good thing) but I've got so many people on FB who are all "Guys, you know I don't like to hawk my stuff because I love my stuff and it's wonderful and JUST BUY NORWEX!" The boss is observing me at one of my meetings tomorrow.... and I'm wishing so much that he could have picked another. Ugh. This new school, it's like, I don't hate it. They're good people and I'm glad to help but I just don't feel like I have a good grip there.
  13. Marley

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    For Clinical Psych I imagine, probably counseling too. Anything a whole bunch of people want to do. Which is why there's tons of non-competitive programs and job openings for school psychologists! *laughs at own joke* *smaller laugh* *smaller laugh* *muted sobbing* I'm struggling a bit right now.... Not because of my job really just because of me... in my job.
  14. Marley

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    There you go then. Add this to your thought bank next time you are anxious about a test "that one day I was sure I failed, but I did not."