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    Howdy! My name's and I'm a 24 year old Catholic studying School Psychology in Washington State. Prior to moving to WA I lived in Texas and am the loudest, proudest, member of the Fightin Texas Aggie Class of 2013! AYYY WHOOP! <3

    I'm pretty laid back and always up to visit so, please, feel free to shoot me a PM anytime!

    Gig'em and God Bless!
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    Eastern Washington
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    School Psychology. ADHD. Learning Disabilities. Different School Systems and Pedagogies. Kids. Teens. Neuroscience. Aggie Football. Country Dancing. Kayaking. Ice Skating. Kayaking. Hiking. Nature. Polo. Long walks in the woods. Being an Idealist. Hummingbirds. Tiny Houses. Old Disney Movies. 90s Music. Attempting to Learn the Guitar. Daydreaming. Swing Dancing. Singing. Baking. Knowing the Names of Birds. Old Mickey Mouse Cartoons. Doctor Who?. Writing. Harry Potter. RPGs. Spending too much time on the internet. Coffee. Tom Hiddleston. Dipping Nilla Wafers in Earl Grey Tea and Pretending I'm Fancy. The Proud Nation of TEXAS. Catholicism. The San Antonio Spurs. Brandi Carlisle. Outdoor Concerts. Hippotherapy.

    In no particular order, mind you. If you share any of these intrests let me know! We should visit. <3
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    Happy Catholic
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  1. Yea, this is what has kept me from living alone in the past but honestly my current roomates don't really do much to help me to be outgoing anyway. One is just as much of an introvert as myself and the other is on an opposite work schedule so I don't really see her much. Idk. I go back and forth and am stupidly restless by nature anyway. It's entirely possible that by the time my lease is up I'll have settled more into the place.
  2. Aggravating. Rooming with others is hard. I keep going back and forth between whether I want to live with people next year or not. Financially I could probably swing it, but it's just sooo much cheaper to live with people.
  3. I don't believe in this kind of stuff, and if someone DOES appear to be cursed it's more likely a sort of self fulfilling prophecy ie. they think their cursed so they unconsciously behave in ways that make them seemed cursed or attribute bad things to being cursed.
  4. It's dead y'all. It's been dead or dying for years. I straight up have know idea why anyone would join as a new member these days, let alone wait for 75 posts to be approved. Sure, spam bots are annoying but lets face it that spam bots, twitter-esque status updates, and a sudden renewed interest in banal forum games and are the ONLY reason this site appears to have even a little traffic since the update. As a discussion forum it is and has been dead for years. Someone may *eventually* deal with the bots, but it's still gonna be dead.
  5. Oh. I thought you were disagreeing with chess/video games being considered a sport. My big hobby is horseback riding and people are always saying "Riding isn't a real sport!". If video games are a sport, I'd say riding definitely counts.
  6. I always feel like I have to apologize "Ummm, I'm not crying. I promise I'm not crying." No duh. I just had a foreign substance squirted into my eyeballs. Some people would argue with you on the video game subject. There are e-sports after all. I think it mainly comes down to whether you consider sports to be about physical activity or about competition.
  7. So today I had a routine eye exam. Was told by the technician that I "take eye drops like a champ" so I'm calling that my accomplishment for the week..... Because work has basically been me running around like a chicken with my head cut off since November began.
  8. Too much of my day was spent counseling grade school kids who are afraid their parents and friends are going to be deported or chased out of the country. Did you here he's building a wall? Are you a citizen? Are you? Trumps it, and I'll accept that but this is scary. After the fact, people talk about unity and real change. I'll hope for that. But these feel like ominous times from where I'm standing. 

  9. Ok. So I'm definitely an introvert. Quiet by nature, and a little anxious in social situations. Although I'm pretty well spoken generally, small talk is something I struggle with. That said, I'm also a good friend, productive and creative worker, and generally a decent person most of the time (I think). But I'm not always perceived that way. As a stereotypical "shy" person one of the most important things I've learned that it's important to recognize that there is a difference between who you are and how you are perceived (how other people see you). Quiet people can be good and they can be bad, but they are often perceived as stuck up, cold, or shallow. And this isn't a bad thing exactly, it's just how people relate to each other. Basically, most (if not all) people are self-focused first and other people focused second. If someone makes a point to avoid talking to you, or breaks off conversations quickly, your first thought is not usually "Oh, they must be shy" It's more likely to be "They don't like me" or even "That was rude". Plus, shy people are sometimes really hard to get to know. If I don't know you well, and I can't get you to start up a conversation with me, eventually I'm going to move on. And it's not that you, as a shy person, did anything wrong. It's just that it's too much energy. Friendships, relationships, even acquaintances, are a two way street. Sure, maybe I should try harder, especially if I think your a cool person or we might be spending time together, BUT it shouldn't be expected. And then there's the issue of rusty social skills. But that's another bucket o-worms.
  10. Your options don't provide adequate options for my response. 1. It's definitely not wrong to care about your teacher and admire them. It's also not wrong for you to have romantic feelings for your teacher, even if it's a little misguided. The issue here is if you act on those romantic attractions, which would probably be wrong. The bigger problem is if your teacher returns those romantic feelings/actions or really gives you any sort of special treatment. Maintaining professional relationships is a big deal for educators. 2. I admired many of my teachers. No romantic feelings though. Just was never a thing. 3. Tell someone if you want but you probably shouldn't act on your attraction, or really even interact with your teacher outside of school activities. If a teacher gets caught doing that kind of nonsense and there's even a suspicion of a romantic situation happening between them and a student they could loose their job or licence. Here's my question to you. Why do you like your teacher? Are they good looking? Friendly? Do they give you specific help, attention, gifts, or privileges?
  11. There's been a pattern of new people coming in, asking advice on a health related subject, and posting a link to their dentist/doctor/whatever. It's such a consistent pattern that I'm starting to doubt that these are real people. Internet has made me cynical. 

    1. Alisa


      Has it been the same doctor?

  12. ^ Excellently put Beckeh. Go be awesome and awesome things will happen to you. Build your relationship with God up, build yourself up, and go be where people are. Things will happen if and when they need to happen.
  13. We are fairly inactive....
  14. What's really bizarre is that this isn't the first one we got.... there's a similar one a few years old with nearly the same title/story... hmm....