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    Howdy! My name's and I'm a 24 year old Catholic studying School Psychology in Washington State. Prior to moving to WA I lived in Texas and am the loudest, proudest, member of the Fightin Texas Aggie Class of 2013! AYYY WHOOP! <3

    I'm pretty laid back and always up to visit so, please, feel free to shoot me a PM anytime!

    Gig'em and God Bless!
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    Eastern Washington
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    School Psychology. ADHD. Learning Disabilities. Different School Systems and Pedagogies. Kids. Teens. Neuroscience. Aggie Football. Country Dancing. Kayaking. Ice Skating. Kayaking. Hiking. Nature. Polo. Long walks in the woods. Being an Idealist. Hummingbirds. Tiny Houses. Old Disney Movies. 90s Music. Attempting to Learn the Guitar. Daydreaming. Swing Dancing. Singing. Baking. Knowing the Names of Birds. Old Mickey Mouse Cartoons. Doctor Who?. Writing. Harry Potter. RPGs. Spending too much time on the internet. Coffee. Tom Hiddleston. Dipping Nilla Wafers in Earl Grey Tea and Pretending I'm Fancy. The Proud Nation of TEXAS. Catholicism. The San Antonio Spurs. Brandi Carlisle. Outdoor Concerts. Hippotherapy.

    In no particular order, mind you. If you share any of these intrests let me know! We should visit. <3
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    Frazzled Student
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    Happy Catholic
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  1. Everyone gets to that time eventually. Luck in life, thank you for all your wise words on here, and if I'm ever in your neck of the woods I may very well hunt you down on facebook. :3