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  1. Yes! Hey you! I miss you!

  2. jakob. HI. im never on this thing. LOLOLOLOL

  3. Girl, I know you come back to stalk your old page on occasion now that your all fancy with that Western Civ stuff :)

  4. Lauren Elaine Therese

    CTF meet-up <3 Mr. Sugar and Lauren Elaine Therese

    lol you are too much maria <3 but yes, Michael is very attractive
  5. [ATTACH=CONFIG]0[/ATTACH] So after years of knowing each other, Michael (Mr. Sugar) and I finally met last night =] Basically highlight of my year. He is even better in person
  6. If you mean you? Then yes!! If you were hinting at me. I am not sure how I have barely posted any of my work haha.

    I do not think I could compare with yours either!

  7. thanks COLT! but i think someone has the photographer of the year, next year :)


  8. Okay you will have like three notifications now...I am assuming CTF hates me now.. D: Anyway, congrats to CTF Photographer of the year! How have you been? Last and final post. Promise. Haha

  9. ...Well I do not think it posted my message..


  11. mom your profile picture is so not you, you look way to sad.