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    I am the Owner and Founder of Unnue. A thrift Store that buys and sells used clothing.
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    Owner and Fonder Of Unnue, Publisher at Google Adsense, Youtube Partner
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  1. I am working on going to college soon and I am going to be applying for grants. Was going to start with federal grants and try others. Are there some things I should consider while applying for grants?
  2. Was going to PM you but my inbox is full and deleting isn't working. Would you be interested in selling CTF?

  3. www.unnue.com/blog

  4. How you be? I miss you! Haha

  5. I does indeed. But it's private. Sorry. ^^

  6. Hey. =D

    Do you have Facebook? =o

  7. Guitarman

    Happy Birthday to you!!

    Happy Birthday!
  8. I love your profile picture!(=

    You're so pretty. =3

  9. I have been on and off CTF for a while. Things have been kinda busy. From trying to get my house clean, trying to pick up the pieces from the divorce, trying to get school finished and a possible job opportunity I haven't had much time for CTF. When things get on track I will see if I have meaningful time to devote CTF. If not I will probably retire my position and come on every now and then to make a few post and do a little chatting. Thanks, Guitarman
  10. This is truth. Unfortunately this is difficult. You're young. You have time to figure it out. Don't stress over it. =)
  11. Guitarman

    Can You Cook?

    You make cereal in the microwave?