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    I make mistakes.<br />I smoke too much.<br />I drink too much.<br />I play my music too loud.<br />I live recklessly.<br />I drive fast.<br />I can be selfish.<br />I am reclusive.<br />I occasionally talk too much.<br />I am awkward in social situations.<br />I really don't have friends.<br />I am intimidated by people.<br />I am a free-spirit.<br />I would make a terrific gay man.<br />I listen.<br />I laugh.<br />I cry.<br />I get scared easily.<br />I like gore.<br />I like to read outside in the sun on a hammock.<br />I adore lip rings and nose rings.<br />I want an industrial piercing.<br />I love ICEEs.<br />I buy too many band shirts.<br />I love my converse.<br />I love my TOMS.<br />I don't know when to say no.<br />I don't know when to stop.<br />I love endlessly.<br />I fall hard.<br />I miss you.<br />I am ready to be where I am supposed to be in this life.<br /><br />Life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself.
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  1. alis volat propriis

    Happy Birthday, Erica! (alis volat propiis)

    YAY!! Thanks It was a great day. And I do love the cake.
  2. alis volat propriis


    Just black pants. Maybe even black pants with some pinstriping. Black on black is totally hot.
  3. alis volat propriis

    Sarah Dessen

    She is also one of my favourite authors. Dreamland would have to be my favourite book of hers I've read. Just Listen was really good too.
  4. alis volat propriis

    My apologies, and my conversion

    OMG!! ily, girl!!! May you continue to walk in His path. I'm always here for you.
  5. alis volat propriis

    Hello =]

  6. alis volat propriis


    Welcome to the crazy world called CTF. I apologize for any inconveniences.
  7. alis volat propriis

    ABC's Movies

    Jane Eyre
  8. alis volat propriis

    ABC's Movies

    Gone With The Wind
  9. alis volat propriis

    ABC's Movies

    Kangaroo Jack