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    I make mistakes.<br />I smoke too much.<br />I drink too much.<br />I play my music too loud.<br />I live recklessly.<br />I drive fast.<br />I can be selfish.<br />I am reclusive.<br />I occasionally talk too much.<br />I am awkward in social situations.<br />I really don't have friends.<br />I am intimidated by people.<br />I am a free-spirit.<br />I would make a terrific gay man.<br />I listen.<br />I laugh.<br />I cry.<br />I get scared easily.<br />I like gore.<br />I like to read outside in the sun on a hammock.<br />I adore lip rings and nose rings.<br />I want an industrial piercing.<br />I love ICEEs.<br />I buy too many band shirts.<br />I love my converse.<br />I love my TOMS.<br />I don't know when to say no.<br />I don't know when to stop.<br />I love endlessly.<br />I fall hard.<br />I miss you.<br />I am ready to be where I am supposed to be in this life.<br /><br />Life isn't about finding yourself. It's about creating yourself.
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