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    Happy Birthday, Erica! (alis volat propiis)

    YAY!! Thanks It was a great day. And I do love the cake.
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    Just black pants. Maybe even black pants with some pinstriping. Black on black is totally hot.
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    Sarah Dessen

    She is also one of my favourite authors. Dreamland would have to be my favourite book of hers I've read. Just Listen was really good too.
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    My apologies, and my conversion

    OMG!! ily, girl!!! May you continue to walk in His path. I'm always here for you.
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    Hello =]

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    Welcome to the crazy world called CTF. I apologize for any inconveniences.
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    ABC's Movies

    Jane Eyre
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    ABC's Movies

    Gone With The Wind
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    ABC's Movies

    Kangaroo Jack
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    ABC's Movies

    I Know What You Did Last Summer
  11. Do you ever wonder if there is really such a thing as originality? Could it be that every thought or action has a reason? That ideas, emotions, and personalities are all recycled? That spontaneity is just a nice word we like to throw around..? What if we ourselves are not even original? What if there is someone else out there on the planet exactly like us in every way? I developed an entire theory about that once. It said that there could be another person out there in the world who looked just like you, and had the same thoughts and ideas as you at the same time (relative to their own language and culture of course, but in essence the same). And anytime you think that no one could possibly understand what is going on in your head, there is actually another person with your face, thinking exactly the same thing. You would never get to meet or know about this person of course, as that would probably tear a hole in the time-space continuum or something. So, if we were never allowed to know they existed, how do we know that they don't? Think about that the next time you're feeling alone.
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    Oh hay thur.
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    which sport is better?

    Basketball. MARCH MADNESS BABY
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    ABC's Movies

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    ABC's Movies

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    Life is Short

    Sunday morning, Cody, 16 years old, (my best friend's cousin. I also knew him and his family. I grew up in church with him) was getting ready for church. He was in the shower, his parents heard a noise. They went to knock on the door, yelling for him. He didn't answer. His dad had to beat down the door. Cody was passed out on the bathroom floor. Medics arrived. Tried to revive him with CPR..but couldn't. ...Cody died that morning. At first it was from an unknown condition. Now I've heard that he had a heart attack. Cody had no known heart conditions or medical conditions. This is the third death of a high schooler in my VERY small rural town. This one...just caught me off guard. I still can't wrap my mind around it. To think that we can be doing something as simple as taking a shower and end up dead within minutes. I can't imagine what the parents are going through. Life is short. Life is unexpected. We should make it the best, and be prepared.
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    ABC's Movies

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    Cell Phones @ School

    cell phones are fine. As long as they don't become a distraction. In high school, we couldn't even GO to a ballgame (after school hours) and have a cell phone out. And if the players were in towns miles away, they were not allowed to have them either-- no contact with parents, etc. I felt that was a bit harsh. First was warning and the phone was just taken away for the day. Second and third times were In School Suspension. And after that it was Out of School Suspension. I'm in college now. So most professors don't really care. I only text when it's a MUST. Otherwise, I'm too busy writing notes.
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    The Song Title Game

    I Wish - The Secret Handshake
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    Just make topics on anything. :/
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    The SONG TITLE game!

    Hold On - Michael Buble
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    Picture Post

    When I do it big, i do it BIG I love you, Hammeh. Sososo much. <3 Meh best fraaaan