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    Hmmmmm.... drawing, singing, playing the piano, photography, faceboookk, tennis, anndd God :)
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  1. wow i JUST now got your post. good grief... well i can't draw very well haha so i'm not good at literal art stuff like that. i dont have fb. not allowed. 9.9 so dont worry you're not missing out. lol well idk what to reply to that we havent already talked about haha. sorry my emails started to not say anything, sometimes i just dk what to talk about. doesnt mean i dont want to talk to you. XD well anyway hope you're having a good week!! as i am missing out days at a time because CTF hates you lol. oh and if you want to increase your posts really easily to make an album, go to the forum games (under gaming which is in the second to last category on the forums) and you can just spam around and up your posts. thats what i do. XD

  2. I'm e-mailing you pictures! :P haha

  3. Oh, I didn't see where you lived on your profile, my bad haha. But umm I saw your pictures on your album. I can't make an album on here because it says that I don't have enough posts to make one or something lol. And I agree about it being easy. I tried playing the guitar my poor little fingers couldnt take the pain lol, plus I have really small hands.. But I do play the piano. I love to draw and paint but drawing is my favorite, basically because I'm better at drawing than anything else lol. Uhmm I could send you some pictures of my "photography" through e-mail or something? I would tell you to send me a friend request on facebook but my mom is all strict about who I have on there and all that good stuff haha :D but anyways I'll send them through e-mail if you want me to. And my posts take forever to be "moderated" or whatever lol. And I'm sorry if I didn't answer a question or something like that cuz I can't really remember what your post said lol ;)

  4. well idk when my computer got the post cuz im just now reading it. maybe it got it on time this time!! distance is so obnoxious, isn't it? but that's great he's getting his license! wuv. twu wuv. XD i live in texas. it says so on my profile so i dont mind you asking haha. oh so when you say you looked at my photography, do you mean my album on CTF, or my picasa page? cuz if you mean my album, i do have a link to my picasa page on my profile (its my "home" page) if you want to look at more. do you have any albums cuz i'd love to see some!! haha thanks tho. i think it's the easiest form of art you can do and still be lazy. cuz you dont have to think as much haha. (as opposed to painting or writing or music or something) what kinds of stuff do you like to do? i do like writing and i play guitar but again, more work. haha.

  5. Haha thank you! He lives an hour away from me though :( we don't get to see each other that much :'( but when we do, it's awesome ;) haha. We both just turned 16 and he's gonna get his license and come see me!! Yay :) haha and that sounds good! :) so like, what state do you live in? If you don't mind telling me. Oh, and I saw that you like photography! Ohhh myyy goshh I LOVE it. Most of my pictures are on facebook though AND I don't think I'm as good as you haha :) hopefully it won't take forever for you to get this post!

  6. haha okay if he's your boyfriend then i will confirm, he is REALLY cute :P if he wasnt i didnt wanna b a creeper lol. (oh btw i just got ur message lol) oh thats sad!! well i'll be ur cyber friend! *huggles* i talk more to boys on here than i do girls, lol. so yeah a girl pal would be good. probly healthy lolll.

  7. Haha yeah, I know what you mean. To tell you the truth I don't really have that many friends that are girls because they usually end up hating me for some reason or I'm just not like them at all :/ it's weird. But you don't seem like that! :) haha. And yes, that is my boyfriend. And thank you, he is very cute ;) haha

  8. oh im rereading this and i meant to say siggy not profile pic. dont be confused!! haha

  9. you know when you just know you'd be really good friends with someone? yeah. i bet we click really well. :P so can you explain to me the boy in your profile pic? like is he your boyfriend? hes kinda cute :3

  10. Haha wowwww, that took way too long. :)

  11. oh haha CTF just now delivered your messages. dumb moderating. XD

  12. The subject on that message I sent you was supposed to be "post" but my stupid iPod put pokey... Lol

  13. Awwwhh thank you!! I get it from some ppl. Haha :)

  14. Hey I saw your picture and just wanted to tell you you're really pretty. :) I hope people tell you that. XD