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  1. Egoleech

    11-year-old stripped naked, bullying videotaped

    No, because imprisoning middle schoolers for something like this does absolutely nothing to address the root of the problem, which is clearly poor parenting and a distinct lack of guidance in day-to-day life. Do you really think middle schoolers can be held accountable for their actions in the same manner that adults can when their brains have not even finished developing? Obviously something should be done about these children and what they did but simply tossing them in juvenile hall is not the answer- it's akin to treating the symptoms of a disease without attempting to address the underlying illness. In addition, without a proper network of support and without addressing the underlying behavioral problem, putting children like these into juvenile hall will simple serve to distance them even further from proper behavior by associating them with a criminal underclass very likely involved in more serious and dangerous crimes than what they committed. Oh, and as for your pithy second paragraph: yes, of course it was a personal attack, because I dared to disagree with your feeble assessment of the situation and your dogmatic 'punishment = correction' model of thinking. You have no idea how old I am, who I am, or in what manner I conduct myself, but certainly, anyone who dares to mock your (undoubtedly brilliant) commentary on jailing preteens must certainly be suffering from some sort of tertiary condition- the folly of youth, English as a second language, or a simple lack of maturity that perhaps one could learn from you. And before I go: "This isn't a personal attack to you, but rather some helpful hints to help in future." Figure out your singular and plural forms and quit writing in such a redundant manner if you want to start correcting anyone. In every sentence you write you prove that I'm far, far more literate than you are.
  2. Egoleech

    Ask A Guy

    I have never once in my life gotten sick from undercooked food. It's utter paranoia. Besides, the whole point of searing the sides of the meat is to kill any bacteria on them. There's little to no bacteria living within the cut of meat (the undercooked portion). You will not get sick. You'll be perfectly fine.
  3. yeah i'm sure this internet fad will just die out
  4. Egoleech

    Does anyone like Christian Metal?

    Most Christian music is excruciating in general. However I have a soft spot for Impending Doom and a few others.
  5. Egoleech

    Ask A Guy

    ugh, you people are vulgar. why would you sully a good steak by overcooking it. a steak should be seared on the outside with a cool to lukewarm center. that's the only way to eat it.
  6. Egoleech

    11-year-old stripped naked, bullying videotaped

    perhaps they should focus on the content of my message rather than the grammatical form i use to deliver it? hmm. no, no... of course not.
  7. Egoleech

    Ask A Guy

    if you eat steak any more cooked than very rare you're a terrorist
  8. Egoleech

    11-year-old stripped naked, bullying videotaped

    i use a lack of capitalization or punctuation to indicate my distaste for something being discussed as it better suggests the drawling, dry tone of voice i'd employ in such a discussion. sorry i had to spell that out for you too.
  9. Egoleech

    Modern day human trafficking & slavery

    Well I guess since this is in the debate forum I'll just have to take the contrary view since everyone else is on the other side. Modern day human trafficking and slavery are both cool, good things and I can support via logical arguments. Let's do it.
  10. Egoleech

    Banned black metal shirts on sale in Invercargill

    The other shirt also depicts a woman masturbating with a crucifix. There's almost zero material difference between the shirts. But one got removed and other stayed. What's the logic behind this? Well, here's the logic. I'm in the metal scene. All I have to do is say the words 'A Cradle of Filth shirt got pulled from a store' and everyone in the metal scene immediately knows which one it was. And coincidentally, that shirt which everyone knows is the one that gets pulled while the nearly identical shirt from a lesser-known band stays. The police want to maintain the ILLUSION that this is an actual statement of legal intent of some sort, but in actuality, it's about visibility and public relations- if it wasn't, I can name about a hundred other black metal shirt designs that shouldn't be available in New Zealand.
  11. Egoleech

    11-year-old stripped naked, bullying videotaped

    what does that have to do with what i said. i'm saying it's stupid to imprison middle schoolers regardless of gender. i wasn't aware i had to spell this out.
  12. The best, least absurd source: http://www.idahostatesman.com/2010/12/31/1472023/chinese-company-eyes-boise.html Which lets you know that this really isn't extensively different from American involvement in foreign countries already.
  13. Egoleech

    Stuff you wish Girls Knew

    i wish the girls i dated who always claim 'oh yeah i love to cook' would actually cook instead of just talking about how they do it >=[