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  1. thatcommercialrocks

    Never Been Kissed

    What does having been kissed in high school give you? I am 21 years old, and I have never been kissed, Like you I am not ugly, I have had people ask me out over my years in high school. I desire to keep myself for the one God has for me, and that means kissing and all, I have never had a boyfriend. Does it bother me?? Sometimes it does, but most of the time I keep looking to God and the single life while I have it. Belive me your just feeling the pressures of high school. having a boyfriend, or kissing, all leads to something else, pregnant, a broken heat, you name it. So I guess it's up to you, does it really matter, is it really important, does been kissed make you a better person or a more attractive person. I know many girls like me, girls who are staying as pure as they can in this filthy world, and by the worlds standards that might seem lame, or a waste of life. But believe me, when you find the right one, that right guy, you will be so happy that you kept your presant closed and whole for him.
  2. thatcommercialrocks


    Hey! I am looking at selling Gourmet cupcakes at my local farmers market, and was just wondering about prices. How much would you be willing to pay? And what might your favorite cupcake craving be? If any of the above prices you can't agree on, then tell me what you think a Gourmet cupcake is worth. Thanks.
  3. thatcommercialrocks

    What do you sleep in..Stolen topic from guys

    I wear a huge t-shirt, and huge pajama pants.
  4. thatcommercialrocks

    I just wanted to share my feelings about something

    Guys doing squats?
  5. thatcommercialrocks

    Speaking In Tongues

  6. thatcommercialrocks

    Are you content with your current fitness level?

    I doubt you're a fatty. Aww Rave you are very beautiful, and I know you'll recover very well from this, you are a fighter! I'm somewhat okay with my body and fitness level. But I'm somewhat with Rave on this, I have those days where I'm fine with myself, and the next I can't even look in the mirror. let's just say, I hate the number on the scale, even though my sister tells me Ive gone too far, she thinks I should get serious help. I guess what i'm trying to say is that control is great to have, that's if you can maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.
  7. thatcommercialrocks

    Pro-life efforts and religion

    Personally I think you could have just left it at pro-choice, you didin't need to add the unborn part. I found it very offensive, but I know that it's only your ignorance talking. I agree 100%, even if I wasn't a Christian, I would still be pro life, I find it just plain wrong to think otherwise. I believe this (I think it hurts the cause, in almost all cases.) and I'm pro-life, NO human but God has the ability or choice to say what human lives or dies. Yes they are human
  8. thatcommercialrocks

    Beauty of a Goddess

    I just like the movie, the music in the movie and the quotes from the movie. I wasn't really making this thread to be about make-up, but I made it to be about natural homemade remedies, I guess I should have stated that from the begining. I'm actually searching for some great essential oils right now, to try and create my own signature scent.
  9. thatcommercialrocks

    Ask A Girl.

    What's a fancy flower? First off flowers are flowers.. as long as you get something, it really doesn't matter..
  10. thatcommercialrocks

    The Olympics?

    awwwwww, It was a very close game, you guys should be proud you won silver.
  11. thatcommercialrocks

    The Ultimate Workout Thread

    Well I eat breakfast as soon as I wake up maybe around 8:00am and then I workout at 10:00 usually, But I eat nothing before I work out. My breaktfast is usually Oatmeal with flax and berries and a fruit. I see no reason why it would be heart problems, i'm young, I exercise, I eat very healthy, I take cod liver oil every day which is supposed to be great for the heart. I'm a hypochondriac as well... it's okay though Maybe I just need to eat more.
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  13. thatcommercialrocks

    [GIRLS ONLY] Do you *always* think about sex? poll

    Do You *Always* Think About Sex? . Yes, quite a bit. Do You *Always Think About Guys In A Sexual Manner? 2. Yeah, I do, but i really try not to. Is Thinking About Sex Subconscious? 2. No, it's not. But it's not hard to think about something sexual. Is It Better To Watch Porn Than Go and Cheat On Your Boyfriend/Fiance/Husband? No, it's the same thing as cheating.
  14. thatcommercialrocks


    Canada takes Gold!
  15. thatcommercialrocks

    Beauty of a Goddess

    Nice gotta get myself cocoa butter!