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    Im Jordan. Im not really active on here too much anymore. But regardless. I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all that I am. He saved me when I was in the darkest area of my life. If you dont know him, get to know him. If you know him. Get to know him more ;) I promise you wont regret it!!
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    Angels surrounding His throne and
    Worthy is the Lamb who was slain
    The whole earth is full of His glory
    All nations bow to His name
    His majesty fills the Heavens
    Our hearts give thunderous praise
    Declare the Lord is forever
    Make a joyful noise in this plac
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  1. JordanL

    What is life

    Im bringing back swell Jonathan. Its going to happen. And zabby. I do miss your incredibly amazing face.
  2. JordanL

    What is life

    Also, Yoda. There are still points in my life when I seriously wonder what the heck you look like.
  3. JordanL

    What is life

    Zabby, I am getting old, I dont remember things well anymore. As far as an update on my life since I left, I got married at 18, moved to DC and realized shortly after what a dumb decision that was.. I had gotten a really good job that was supposed to have been my career and bought a house and a really nice car and then lost said job, house, and car.... and wife. Also amidst all this craziness I finally decided to be 100% true to myself and came out as gay. I moved back to Louisiana and got a job as a server and have worked my way up into management and really enjoy it. I have some really swell friends who think im awesome. I miss everyone <3 Maybe ill start posting again..... maybe
  4. JordanL

    What is life

    So Im Jordan. I was just signing in to my old ctf account for fun, Im from like 6 years ago. I dont think anyone knows me. So farewell!
  5. Awww <3 Well I miss and love you too! I'm still always on skype and stuff if you ever wanna chat.

  6. Because I haven't spoken with you in so long, my love for you hurts. Lol :)

  7. Thanks, but what's with the crying/frowny face?

  8. Zabbehhhh. I love you so :(

  9. JordanL

    Oh hi there

    Um. Yes! Jambalaya shall be the main dish.
  10. JordanL

    Oh hi there

    Katieeee You should come!! We're getting married in baton rouge.
  11. JordanL

    Ode De Ctf.

    Oh zabby. My long lost friend. You're a teenager at heart. Still counts
  12. JordanL

    Ode De Ctf.

    I know I just posted, but I wanted to say something (that i felt needed its own thread) while I'm still remembering to log on. I joined ctf in 2008. In that time I "dated" one member. Almost "dated" another. Met some of the most amazing people ever and some of the worst. I was a mod, then super mod, then something a little less mod-like due to some other mod changes and blah. I complained a lot about CTF. I though it was going down the tubes. But looking back 4 years later I see that in a way this place shaped who I am today. I gained more confidence in myself than I had ever had. During the time I was at CTF (as many know) I was having seizures and couldn't go to school or church because I was so sick. But you guys gave me the friendship that I needed. And maybe I outgrew it. Maybe I don't need CTF anymore. But all of you will always have a special place in my heart. So, new members. Take advantage of the times you have here. Take advantage of the friendships you will make and the things you will learn from your peers. And don't expect so much. Remember, you're all teenagers. For something thats run by teenagers, I don't think yall are doing too shabby. And if you're ever in WV hit me up
  13. JordanL

    Oh hi there

    Yes. January 4th. So a few months to go. I will definitely post some pictures. We're very excited.
  14. I miss you Jake. :(

  15. JordanL

    Oh hi there

    Lol. I pop in every once in a while