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  1. lauraxo

    Hello again.

    Thanks everyone, means a lot
  2. lauraxo

    Hello again.

    Thanks guys its nice to see a few familiar names floating around.
  3. lauraxo

    someone please enlighten me.

    Just because its less fabric it doesn't mean its necessarily more sexy. "French knickers" in my opinion are far nicer and far more flattering on figures. I do wear thongs though. I dont find them uncomfortable. If any underwear I have is uncomfortable I dont wear it. I dont have a particular reason for wearing thongs or any other type of underwear I do. If I see pretty underwear Ill buy it. The underwear that would make me feel most uncomfortable are washed out boring bras and big briefs. I dont want to feel sexy I want to feel feminine.
  4. lauraxo

    Mail Order Brides

    Its based largely on looks and usually there has been little communication between the two people. The men do not want to marry the girls because they like their personality, morals or views. They do not marry them because they are in love or has any significant bond with eachother. The men marry these girls because they want a pretty little thing to call their own. Im not saying a bond cant be created eventually, Im sure there have been some stories of love in it. Most cases though Im sure its just a lonely guy who wants a toy and a girl who is desperate to get out of the circumstances shes in.
  5. lauraxo

    Hello again.

    Hello there Some of you guys may remember me from a while back. I used to pop in and out of the forum from time to time but Ive been away for a long long time. Ive had a lot of things going on in my life and Ive not really had much of an online presence anywhere. I originally came to CTF looking for a purpose. I wanted something to drive me and will me on my path but I wasnt ready, I ended up going down a different path. Im back now though and I want to learn. If CTF is the way it was when I first joined there are people here who could help me learn the bible and help me on my path with some guidance. If you are one of those people and you are reading this then please message me.
  6. I started wearing kitten heels when I was about 11 to school discos and things. Ive only made it into the big leagues of HIGH heels in the past two years or so. When Im not working I wear them fairly often, atleast twice a week. Im really small so it puts me to normal height. I feel pretty in high heels, It sounds silly but its true!
  7. lauraxo

    Mail Order Brides

    Getting married to a mail order bride isn't a real marriage. The men who get these brides see them as objects not partners.
  8. I like that olly murs is still your avatar. You wont see this until next time I call you and tell you to look at it but yeah.. HULLO :)

  9. lauraxo

    Applying make up

    Who did you learn to apply make up from? Do you enjoy doing it? I really enjoy it personally. I like playing around with colours and shading. When I was in my earlier teens I never got into it but lately ive became more interested in it. Ive been learning new tips and tricks from the online beauty communities on youtube and blogger.
  10. lauraxo

    About those boots...

    I own a couple of pairs and i swear by them in winter, they keep my feet all nice and cosy. I would also like to point out they can be worn cutely..
  11. lauraxo

    Help a make up novice.

    This should help you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fdt1cfzmC0g&feature=related Liquid liner can be a little bit tricky at first but once you get the hang of it then you can do lots of different looks with it. Also if you find it hard to hold the applicator there are different types of liquid liner that resemble a pen which are super easy to use!
  12. lauraxo

    Guys as friends.

    All my close guy friends are my ex boyfriends, haha...
  13. lauraxo

    Criminal Minds

    I love criminal minds! A recent episode made me cry like a baby though, haha. Reid is definately my favourite, hes adorable