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  1. !ChristianDrummer!

    CTF Official Abortion Debate

    Well that deals with the same question I asked above. His definition of "a being" is a distinct individual of a species, therefore not applying to snot or skin cells. A blastocyst is a human being. A blastocyst is not unwanted flesh. A blastocyst is a human being. A piece of flesh is not a human being, nor does it develop to form what you and others consider a human being.
  2. !ChristianDrummer!

    If abortion is wrong - should we pay taxes?

    Any chance you could reference that part of the bill? <!--QuoteBegin-AquinasD "If you went to prison, you'd for sure get press coverage; if you got press coverage, you'd inspire others to do that; if you inspired others to do that, then what's the government going to do? Imprison several thousand of its citizens over something it could rectify? I wouldn't mind being persecuted for doing the right thing; it is the greatest honor I can imagine." Ahh, pull off the ol' Rosa Parks eh I like the logic, but isn't it a bit of slippery slope? How do we know that "several thousand" citizens would follow suit and be willingly imprisoned at the expense of leaving their families, etc?
  3. !ChristianDrummer!

    CTF Official Abortion Debate

    What makes your definition of "a being" any more applicable than mine?
  4. !ChristianDrummer!

    CTF Official Abortion Debate

    OK, I'll take the bait. Are living skin cells not living beings? Being means fact of existence. Living means it is alive (has life). Live skin cells are beings in that they have a state of existence, and they have life. Would that not make them living beings (fulfilling 2). They also have human DNA (fulfilling 1). How would they not be human beings?
  5. !ChristianDrummer!

    CTF Official Abortion Debate

    This was debunked a few pages ago, this argument is used all the time, whether it be snot, nail clippings, hair, etc. All of these are human. However, they are not human beings. They are a part of a human being. A portion of skin is not a human being. A blastocyst is part of the development of a human being. We are composed of billions of human components. We are one human being.
  6. !ChristianDrummer!

    CTF Official Abortion Debate

    OK, I'm very much pro-life, but it's time to play devil's advocate since I want to form an excellent in-depth opinion on this matter, and no one really refutes your argument on it. You believe a fetus is an individual person right? How can this be so when the fetus is attached to the mother, and relies on her to live? I read in another post that a fetus is simply a symbiotic life form. Can you refute this as well?
  7. !ChristianDrummer!

    CTF Official Abortion Debate

    By your logic, are you stating that since the fetus receives nutrients from the mother, the fetus possesses the mother? Possession being nine tenths of the law, the fetus should decide whether he or she will keep the mother then. I am a beginner debater so really ram it to me.
  8. !ChristianDrummer!

    CTF Official Abortion Debate

    This is great, I have now been opened up into new concepts I hadn't realized before. Should I accidentally swallow a spider, I am now part spider, considering possession is nine tenths the law. Now to go perform my mutations.
  9. !ChristianDrummer!

    CTF Official Abortion Debate

    Does she control when the fetus kicks? Or when he or she moves their hands? That's something I haven't heard before. The fetus may be in her body, but how does that make it her body? The fetus is a human being of its own, hence, it is not the woman's body. They possess their own DNA. Possession is nine tenths of the law.
  10. !ChristianDrummer!

    If you have the time...

    Well this is certainly a deep request, so I hope I can give you a response other than "I'll be praying." I hope you can still dig deep and find the joy in your life that you so desperately need. I will pray for it, since I know how a small bit of depression feels, and I can hardly imagine the burden you are carrying around. If you feel you're doing the right thing, keep going! You have others behind you. You're in God's army, and God's army wins.
  11. !ChristianDrummer!

    Upcoming surgery.

    I was diagnosed with a disease called Mastoid Cell Disease, or something similar. I've been reassured that it will be handled properly, but have to have surgery to fix it up. I'm not too worried or stressed about it. I'm actually glad that it will be done and my dizzy spells should end, which would be awesome. Pray that everything comes through just perfect as I assume it will. Thank you all indeed!
  12. !ChristianDrummer!

    Things that you do that you thought only you did

    When passing by a group of telephone holes that seem close together while I'm on a bus... I try to snap every time I'm in-between two of them. Also guilty of eating in sections.
  13. !ChristianDrummer!

    CTF Official Abortion Debate

    How is the baby her body?
  14. !ChristianDrummer!

    CTF Official Abortion Debate

    ?? Because abortion is legal doesn't prevent it from being a murder.
  15. !ChristianDrummer!

    CTF Official Abortion Debate

    Yea, what are we thinking? Planning to restrict the freedom of our women to a point that they can't even kill their own babies. Sheesh!