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    Aloha hoalohas!! Welcome to my profile, here are some things about me:

    • My name is Micaila, some people call me Mickay.

    • I have been on CTF since I was 13 on and off. Even though I am not a teen anymore, I still come on a bit like old times. :)

    • I enjoy listening to music (Christian and instrumental), Pinterest, and watching shows about houses!

    • I love being around people, so feel free to send me a message or any prayer requests!

    Thanks for stopping by, and have a good day! God bless! :D
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    Waltzing with potatoes, up and down the produce aisle
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  1. Silently95

    Have You Ever

    Nope! Have you ever been to Canada?
  2. Silently95

    the person below me

    Nope! The person below me likes broccoli?
  3. Ooo that sounds lovely! :o) did you do anything fun? And good thanks, how about you? 

    1. Buoyancy


      I did! I spent 4 days in the boondocks with a friend and my grandmother. We had a wonderful time! My grandmother lives very close to Lake Superior, so there was a good deal of swimming and sunbathing and doing touristy junk. XD 

       Cool beans! I'm... alright I suppose. Sad my vacation is over. XD


    2. Silently95


      Ahhh what are the boondocks? I’m happy you had a great time and Lake Superior looks gorgeous...had to look it up on Pinterest! :D I’ve never been to that area of the country besides Chicago! :) But what are the boondocks? XDDD 


      Yeah, I miss vacations too... Summer has gone by too fast and not ready for classes yet D: Do you have any other plans before the summer ends? :) 

    3. Buoyancy


      Boondocks, boonies, podunk towns, the middle of nowhere, etc.  basically anything rural and far from big cities. I've... never been to Chicago. I don't actually consider it the same area lol. We were WAY UP on the lake, closer to Duluth MN. It's pretty on all parts though. :D

      IT DID. Not much, a wedding and maybe a few more trips to a local lake so I stop looking like paper, other than that, nope. What about you?

      Ahhh school. I have to do my FAFSA stuff this week. I go back in the spring.

  4. Silently95

    Hello again

    Yay, welcome back TK!
  5. Silently95

    Guess who's back

    Ooo that’s so exciting! Glad you’re good! I’m good too thank you, just enjoying my last couple weeks of summer
  6. Yeah, I was on vacation and left my computer at home. haha. how ya been?


  7. You haven't been on in a few days and I miss posting with you lol! 

  8. Nice to see another Floridian! :D I'm Micaila, and I'm shy and love theology too! How are you? 

  9. I see you like Tangled - that's my fav movie, along with Beauty and the Beast :D 

  10. Silently95

    Guess the person to post next

    Yes! Yoda?
  11. Silently95

    Guess the person to post next

    Nope! Allons-y99?
  12. Silently95

    In the Last 24 Hours

    Nope! ITL24H have you eaten a yummy dessert?
  13. Silently95

    Guess who's back

    I'm fine thank you, how are you? What's new?