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  1. Hey, I don't believe we've met, but I've noticed you around the forums! Anyways, I came here to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D

  2. Bryce M

    Handled properly or over the top?

    The daughter did the same thing 3 months ago, so since 3 months obviously didn't serve to be a good enough punishment, he did it until college. 3 months without a computer for doing the same thing, and she didn't learn her lesson. He didn't take it too far, most parents these days in my opinion aren't taking it far enough. Of course, destroying the laptop was unneeded BUT it would teach the daughter to behave better. He paid for the laptop, and paid for software upgrades and she decides to do her own thing. Destroying the laptop was probably for the better. I know... he could have sold it, but it shows the daughter a lesson, and maybe she will learn to respect not only adults (like he said in the video) but his parents as well.
  3. Bryce M

    ps3 problem

    You probably have overheating problems. My friend fixed this problem by getting a few mini fans and blasting them on to the PS3. Other then that, there isn't really another way.
  4. Bryce M

    Change a letter.

  5. Bryce M

    Do any of you ever feel...

    I'm surprised, why is everyone thinking they're insane?
  6. Bryce M

    Change a letter.

  7. Bryce M

    "Talking" to God vs. "Praying"...

    A 1 way communication can seem like talking to a wall if you're not listening to god.
  8. Bryce M

    youtube question

    Normally it's hard to get viewers unless it appeals to a big crowd. Just keep advertising and you might get a couple of thousand.
  9. Bryce M

    Change a letter.

  10. Bryce M

    How much time do we have left?

    Does any of us really need to know? Just live life and it will come when it will come.
  11. Bryce M

    The Morning Sunrise

    Dude... frigging amazing. I love it how you painted the picture with such detail. It makes the writer feel like he's actually there.