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  1. No


    None...No lie, no conjured

    up spirits, no witchcraft,

    no curse, no evil thought,

    no backstab, no mischief,

    no haters of good, no job,

    no depression, no illness,

    no low self esteem, no

    death, no rejection, no

    misunderstanding, no

    financial hardship, no

    poverty, no storm, no lack

    therof, no man, no

    woman, no child, no

    family, no nothing....No

    Weapon Formed against

    you will prosper...~You're

    the child of the Most

    High~Look up.....Claim


  2. Pretty good.(= Would you like to add me on facebook?

  3. I believe I remember you, too! :) How have you been?

  4. O= I remember you. <3

  5. well im not buying brown, that will just make me look like chocolate ice cream on a cone, and of course the cone would be my white boy legs lol, I was thinking of buying navy...thats a start isnt it? not exactly sky blue as you preps love, but its a stern color XD

  6. Oh dear...

    You have failed to realize that brighter colors would actually look better for your skin tone. If you purchase awful colors such as black or brown, it would actually make you look more pale. But, you know, it's okay for right now. You're at least buying polos. It's an improvement.

  7. Well don't get too presumptuous lol, I never said I became a prep, only that I am considering investing in some polo shirts for purely convenience and comfort purposes, I'll make sure to get very drab and depressing colors like black, gray, olive drab, navy, maroon, etc nothing bright or happy like neon green or....*shudders* pink...

  8. I knew you would come over to my side eventually, dearest Matty. There's an inner prep in all of us, so of course I'm not shocked. I am so proud of you.

  9. Krissy krissy! I've missed you!!! our style debates never get old :P but, I must concede, that I may be outgrowing my quasi emo-ness as you would so eloquently describe it, and I am actually considering buying polo shirts for the summer =O shocking isnt it? But under no circumstances will I "pop" my collar. it will remain in the traditional position. and I will only get black and gray polos since im so goth and all lol

  10. Matt.


    I haven't talked to you in forever.

    Just thought I'd tell you :)

  11. It's someone's birthday. Unfortunately, you're never on anymore. :(

    Love ya like a sister, and you're missed muchly. <3

  12. Guilty :( How've you been?

  13. i see someone on CTF who is never on CTF hmmmm lol

  14. Hi, Foofer! What's new?

  15. Ahahaha I forgot about how we had the whole nickname/sterotype thing going on...

    Well if you want it to be that way, I might as well ask you how it feels to have such a depressing sort of style, being a goth and all :P