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  1. I recently finished a Philippians study written by Susie Shellenberger. Are there any other good devotional books (perferably ones where you can write in them) for teen girls that you've completed? Thanks much! :]
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    Blind dates.

    I'm curious to see what the wonderful CTFers think about blind dates. I'm currently going on a blind double date this Friday night with a guy who I semi-met on a trip then got to get to know him better on facebook. We're going out to eat and then to the movies with my best friend and a friend of his. Thoughts about this situation/blind dates in general? I need tips, too
  3. I believe I remember you, too! :) How have you been?

  4. Oh dear...

    You have failed to realize that brighter colors would actually look better for your skin tone. If you purchase awful colors such as black or brown, it would actually make you look more pale. But, you know, it's okay for right now. You're at least buying polos. It's an improvement.

  5. I knew you would come over to my side eventually, dearest Matty. There's an inner prep in all of us, so of course I'm not shocked. I am so proud of you.

  6. Matt.


    I haven't talked to you in forever.

    Just thought I'd tell you :)

  7. Just wondering if any of you go to a community college. I'm planning on going to one for two years so I can save enough money to afford a private school for the remaining two years of college. It seems like community colleges are often overlooked, so use this thread to talk about the community college you attend all you want!
  8. Guilty :( How've you been?

  9. My mom recently brought up the idea for me to be a camp counselor at a Christian camp over the summer. Of course, since I'm still in high school, I'd be there as a volunteer. What do you guys think? Have any of you been camp counselors before? What was your experience like?
  10. Hi, Foofer! What's new?

  11. Ahahaha I forgot about how we had the whole nickname/sterotype thing going on...

    Well if you want it to be that way, I might as well ask you how it feels to have such a depressing sort of style, being a goth and all :P

  12. Ha, I did indeed! And yes, do feel special, my friend :)

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    Diaries of a College Student

    August 1, 2010 I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really want school to start. Now.
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    OT: THANK you for that haha. I wanted to enter the classroom to tie in all the stories, but for a second I thought it was going to be a first year only class. Good to know I won't be entering another one of those again BOT: James slipped into the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, his heart beating faster by the moment. The disturbing thoughts of fear he battled with on the way there were pushed aside, and he turned all his attention to the whole atmosphere of the classroom. At first he could only spot first years and sheer panic overtook him, but after catching a buddy's eye, James relaxed a little with the comfort that there was another second year present. He collapsed into the seat next to him, hoping the teacher wouldn't mind his tardiness. He fiddled with his wand under his seat, ready to practice whatever spell that he would learn that day.
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    James swung his legs over the wooden bench at the Gryffindor table then grabbed for his bag. He headed off to class after a quick glance at the Slytherin table. At the sight of Domition, he tightened his grip around his wand but faked a cool, laid back exterior he had grown quite fond of to cover it all up. James' feet felt heavy against the floor as he exited the Great Hall, and he could swear he heard his steps echoing amongst the chatter that usually filled the halls from excited first years. For a moment he visualized himself alone walking around Hogwarts, the echoes growing louder. He felt odd and couldn't pinpoint what exactly it was that made him feel this way. James instinctively squeezed his wand a little harder again as if he was in combat, even though it was hanging loosely at his side as he walked. He tried to bring the noise from the chatter back into focus, but the echoes wove in and out of his hearing, interruping the normal. There was something about the look in Domition's eyes when he confronted him. Something James hadn't studied before. Sure, he was quite a bit older than James and towered over him, but size didn't faze the second year. It was the unknown. James slipped into his classroom with a final thought. This year seemed like it was going to be different. Last year seemed almost too good to be true for him; he was the most popular first year in his house and made seeker on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. This year, the joy and peace he experienced in the past was nonexistent so far, and something was already replacing it. Yes, fear was coming. And James Potter, the son of Harry Potter, who was known for his bravery and success in defense against the dark arts, embraced it.
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    Bring Back Hogwarts?

    Ha, yes I am! This game will be a lot of fun. I'm excited! Thank you so much for posting this, Ashley! It helps out a ton.
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    OT: Whoaa, guys...haha. I just got back from this super long vacation, so I haven't had time to check things out on this site. Anyways, I read the new plot line. I'm all for coming back into the game and resuming my position as James Potter. However, there is one thing I'd like to point out. First of all, I think we have too many people in this game, which means too many different stories to keep up with. It's cool that we have new people joining, but we really need to put a limit to how many characters there are because it's hard to keep track of everyone, and they may progress the story too fast. I'm thinking whoever is in charge of this game (I'm assuming it's Logos?) should make a list of all the characters, their standing and the user who plays them. Also, we are now starting a new plot line, right? The "muggle invasion" one?
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    Another Faith

    This is an interesting question because I've never even thought about following a different religion before. All other religions other than Christianity just don't add up, thus forcing me to believe all other religions are false. So, I wouldn't even pick another religion if I had to.
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    Ask A Girl.

    Does a little facial hair look ok? or should the guy always be perfectly clean shaven. I'm not talking all out beard or moustache, just kinda in between shaving days, which is about every 3 days for me. I don't like facial hair at all. Even if it's well kept, I still think a clean shaven face looks more presentable and attractive.
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    Mormon Q&A Session of Terror!

    How do you feel that there are only a certain number of people who are "worthy enough" to enter into the temples? Don't you have to have a certain temple card to enter? What if you don't? Doesn't it bother you that the LDS pick and choose this way?
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    I've had side bangs ever since my sophomore year in high school. I'm now a freshman in college! I have a round face, so I've heard that side bangs soften the shape a bit. Anyways, I always like to straighten my hair and part it to the side so my bangs show. Sometimes I scrunch it or I style it so that there are long, loose curls. My favorite style is the soft, natural and romantic type. I like to keep the length past my shoulders. It always seems during summer I constantly have to go in for a hair cut only to thin my hair out because it's so thick! But I guess that's a gift God's given me!
  22. "Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars and change the world." -Me Nah, it's Harriet Tubman lol. Although I wish I could get credit for coming up with that...
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    Summer 2010 Plans

    What is everyone doing over the summer? Doing any mission trips? Going on any vacations? Summer Camp? Discuss here