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    Theres not much to know about me, I am a member from way back, and have recently decided to come back to CTF! It's been lovely so far getting to know people again and finding out about everything that's been going on here and in people's lives whilst I have been MIA.

    I guess I should explain a little about myself. I'm Kirsty, 24 and I am a batty cat lady from a small town in Suffolk, UK. I live with my lovely little cat, Phoebe, who means a lot to me and helps keep me happy and sane!

    Unfortunately I have a rare, but rather serious lung condition which has left me with something like 30% of my lung function, so I am on oxygen, spend a lot of time in hospital and have to have very strong antibiotics injected into my veins a lot. The treatment I take for the lung issues are unfortunately damaging my pancreas, kidneys, bones, stomach and muscles. Every day is a mix of treatments, meds, appointments and therapies, but gods grace sees me through,

    Really though I am easy to get to know, and am willing to chat to and get to know anyone. So please, feel free to say hi!
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    Suffolk, UK
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    Needlework, so embroidery, cross stitch, sewing, knitting...any little project that I can find to keep me busy. I am also into paper crafts, and enjoy stamping, scrapbooking, journaling and die cutting. I am also into creative snail mailing! So I send pen pals packages and letters all over the world.

    If I'm not doing crafts I am normally engrossed in something musical. Before my lungs became really bad I used to play the flute, clarinet and saxophone. Unfortunately now I can't play those and spend my efforts on the violin, cello and piano instead.

    Music and craft aside, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, watching things on Netflix, and studying for my degree in medical and health sciences.
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    Tamer of a very unruly body (Aka; Disabled)
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  1. Do you find that your health has had a positive impact on your relationship with God? Has it brought you closer to him or pushed you away?
  2. Kirbie

    It's been years...

    Thanks guys I'm loving this new multi quote thing!!
  3. Of course it does. Does your faith help you deal with your condition?
  4. Kirbie

    Picture Post

    ...and this is me, though I don't understand why it's coming up so small?
  5. Kirbie

    Picture Post

    This is me, and my cat. We are good friends.
  6. Kirbie

    It's been years...

    Ello ello. Long time no talk.
  7. I'm amazed at how little this place has changed in the grand scheme of things!

  8. Just wondering how many members we have that have chronic illnesses or would identify as disabled? It could be a physical or psychological health problem that you have. I have multiple chronic illnesses, mainly due to a lung condition I have, and identify as disabled because of those. Every day I take steps to deal with my conditions and work to remember that God is supporting me through every step of the journey. I just thought this could be a great way of meeting other members who have health issues, and being able to support each other through them.
  9. Kirbie

    Denomination Quiz for Another CTF Generation

    I am Anglican... So it was fairly accurate at 95%
  10. Kirbie

    Another Topic on Homosexuality

    I think of homosexuality in its most basic of terms. One person showing love towards another. One person having such strong feelings of love that they want to spend their life with each other, despite the fact that many in society will make it less than easy for them. Love is good. It's something that God has asked us to do, to love one another. How then, can loving someone be wrong?
  11. Kirbie


    Zabby!! You're still here!! Confession - I may well be randomly posting '*insert name here* you're still here!!' numerous times over the next few weeks.
  12. Kirbie


    1) It's been many, many years since I even thought about CTF, and sadly many years since I last thought about my relationship with God. 2) I have allowed my physical health, or lack there of, to get in the way of my spiritual health. Something that I need to change. 3) I am LAZY. Like seriously lazy. I know I can't do much physically, but come on! 4) I am secretly angry that the person I selected to help me in my spiritual life, and support me through the ups and downs of living in this broken world has turned their back on me, and has ignored all attempts to get in contact.
  13. Kirbie

    It's been years...

    Thanks guys!!
  14. Kirbie

    It's been years...

    Hey Jakob! That's right, Cat was, well technically is my God Mother. Haha. I'm not even sure if she still comes on here? Good ole redemption radio, I had completely forgotten about that, that was years and years ago. Are the files for that still around? I would love to hear it! I was good friends with Brekat Your memory is as sharp as ever.