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    I didn't choose the thug life
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    Not Pennsylvania
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    hardcore parkour, sleeping
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    I sell overpriced handbags and watches to grumpy people
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    Kraylon Daywear

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  1. ColdWarKids

    My friend committed suicide

    not doing so great. Please pray for the family and friends
  2. It's the album art to The Chariot's last album.

  3. ColdWarKids

    Most annoying meme?

    That one with Kermit the frog drinking tea and it's none of my business nonsense. Don't take my childhood and make it into a pretentious know it all college kid may-may
  4. Is your avatar from a flying dog label or does it just look like it could be?

  5. ColdWarKids

    What's crackalackin?

    Yay glad to see lots of cool folks are still here! It was about the fourth most exciting thing to ever happen to me, so yes this is important Miss you too, boo! I'm hardly ever on my computer but do you have any sort of messaging app?
  6. Hi friends, I'm still alive. I don't know who all is on here anymore but just wanted to check in. This semester has been ridiculous but I'll be graduating in a year so I guess that's neat. Anyway HI HOW IS EVERYBODY ANYTHING INTERESTING GOING ON??
  7. ColdWarKids


    All my friends are super protective of me and it's really sweet but sometimes I need people to know that I'm really not as fragile as you think I am.
  8. ColdWarKids

    What's something you just can't click with?

    Nick Drake. Everyone says that if I like Elliott Smith I'll like this dude, but his music puts me to sleep.
  9. ColdWarKids

    Facial Beauty Analysis

    6.69, but I couldn't see my ears or top of forehead in the picture so those were guesses