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  1. slycooper

    Any Overwatch Players?

    *really late, my bad* Yush! Would love some more lore based PlayervComp stuff. As with this event though, havin awful luck with loot boxes. Makes I R sad v.v My kingdom for a cool Parah skin.
  2. slycooper

    Any Overwatch Players?

    Darn people insisting on dps-ing it. Only expert win I've had so far was Orissa/Mercy/Reinhardt/Bastion u.u
  3. slycooper

    Any Overwatch Players?

    If you can play Pharah you're better than me! Cant aim to save my life with her. Im pretty bad with Roadhog too. WhoooooOOoooooOOO o/ Dont worry about the amount of people She-geek! Timing and figuring out who is the most essential on your team is often the most important bit. If you're making a push and your Reindhardt goes down or guy who has an ult ready, that can be just as valuable. And yay awesome skin! Ive only got Reindhardts atm but ive got one of his legendary skins so its a bit useless. I mainly want the DVA/Torbjorn POTG and Zeigler's skin :3 The new game mode is pretty fun too.
  4. slycooper

    April 12th 2007

    You da bestest wifey <3
  5. slycooper

    Any Overwatch Players?

    You can do it, ra-ra-ra! Placementntt matches really don't work very well, i played pretty standard and lost 7 of the games last season and i started high silver. Did far better this time and ended up lower down. It's not a very good indicator of how good you are... It's hard too as no one is willing to play as a team on lower levels which makes it so much harder to learn the game
  6. slycooper

    Any Overwatch Players?

    I work long shifts so i get quite a lot of days off and after work it's the best way to shut my brain off. Been playing less this week as my ranking is 2700 and i don't want to jinx it - just got really lucky in some badly balanced games. And yeah solo can be the worst, when no one will change their character and you're against people 200 lvls higher than your guys.
  7. slycooper

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Huzzah for working in a school! We did RP but we sort of never finished them. Would be fun to get a small lil one going again that won't die within the month Dx
  8. slycooper

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Ash <3 Hows work life brah? I miss our RPS and late night chat sessions ;-;
  9. slycooper

    Any Overwatch Players?

    Oh no sowweh D: It's only because i play like a few hours every day - the new season ranking makes it easier too as the points loss isnt as massive as it was, i could barely stay in gold last time.
  10. slycooper

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    hi sexy people
  11. slycooper

    Any Overwatch Players?

    When you get that first star under your name, and you start having level 300s you just sort of shrink into your mercy hole so when you lose you can blame your team ;-; Love me Zarya! Got a 20K damage and 40 elimination competitive game on King's Row today which was fun. Used to love Zenyetta and then I stopped playing for a week and now my aim has gone down the drain Dx Man what I wouldn't give to be a good widowmaker. Soldier 76 is probably your best go to for learning but people always take him, blah. Symmetra is really more of a defense gal but I always feel like im cheating with her when you're taking down genji's with zilch skill.
  12. slycooper

    Any Overwatch Players?

    I doooo. I'm only about lv 120 something but im okay-ish (just made platinum which isn't very impressive but im still proud). Probably closest to a Zarya main and Mercy/Reinhardt by virtue of no one else choosing them v.v
  13. slycooper

    What book are you reading now?

    Man I loved this book, got over half way and then lost my bookmark and couldn't figure out where id stopped Also a good one! Despite obvious Mr-Rochester-is-so-awful problems its pretty addictive although rather more boring when he's not there. ----- Currently reading: The Burgess Boys by Elizabeth Stout
  14. slycooper

    Anime Group

    Has anyone hear watched Stein;Gate at all? Watch about 5 eps a couple of years ago but was rather put off by the humour. Everyone keeps raving about it though so is it worth trying again? (and do they stop with the innuendo with the underage girls? ;-;)
  15. slycooper

    What's your fav. Tv Show?

    Aint that the truth! Watch nowhere near as much as I used to, mostly poor attention span, but that and video games is basically my entire teenage years Im better with movies though, could quite easily do a top 100 of them.