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    Im Tanya Marie McCourt and im 19, im engaged to the most amazing guy in the world, Michael Morris. We will be exchanging vows of FOREVER on September 16, 2011 at 6:30 p.m. and i cant wait to spend the rest of my life with him and to start a family!! I thank God that he put us together!! I am also a full time college student im majoring in early childhood education...anything else you wanna know just hit me up...oh and God Bless!!! ;)
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    Nettie, WV
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    Being with my fiance and hanging out with friends, partying, horseback riding, school, reading, cooking, music, sewing, being with my nephews nd nieces!!, shopping, just about anything thats fun!!!
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    Home Health Care
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    Tanya Marie (McCourt) Morris
  1. Hey Tanya! how you been?

  2. tanyamccourt

    Pro-Choice and Pro-Life on Other Issues

    yes yes no yes no yes yes
  3. tanyamccourt

    How do you say "Amen"?

    i say it aww-men (=
  4. tanyamccourt

    Which do you like better?

    i talk to more friends on facebook...but both are great!!
  5. tanyamccourt

    sonic vs. mario

    im 100% for mario..i love it!!!! lol
  6. tanyamccourt

    A Lot Of Thanks Going Up

    in july my mamaw went to b with her heavenly father im just getting up the courage to actually say it but thanks to all you all who prayed it means alot!!
  7. tanyamccourt

    6-9 more months

    at 8:38 p. this evening my mamaw irene went to b with the Lord!!! plz plz plz plz pray for me i really need it!!!!!! and for all my family an i wann thank u guys in advance for it!!!! :
  8. tanyamccourt

    When do you hope to get married?

    anywhere from 19-25 ill b done with all my studies at 20 so anytime after that!! but when ever God sends mr. right will b great!!!
  9. tanyamccourt


    the docs are letting papaw come home tomorrow evening!!!! THANK YOU GOD!!!
  10. tanyamccourt


    the doc said he may get to go home if he only needs therapy 3xs a week!!!!
  11. tanyamccourt

    6-9 more months

    yes very hard the only blood grandmother i have living
  12. I just want to think Christ for healing my mamaw(Irene) of cancer!! we found out a couple of days ago the docs said they must of misread it but i know my Lord and Saviour healed her of it!!! and im giving Him all the praise for it!!!!
  13. tanyamccourt

    6-9 more months

    ok here it goes.. my real dads mom my mamaw(Irene) had a really bad heart attack on April 25 and we all most lost her she was on life support until a day or so ago they were suppose to put a feeding tube in yesterday but i havent heard anything from my sister about her yet and they say she'll b in the hospital for atleast 6-9 more mons not only is it hard for her but my papaw (wendell) is having some health problems now so any prayers would b great thanks!!
  14. tanyamccourt


    last night his legs were getting worse but my dad n james ryans over there right now. my mamaws taking it a lil hard so plz say a lil paryer for her!!! thanks u guys!!
  15. tanyamccourt


    hay guys i need you to pray for my papaw leroy he had a stroke early this morning and hes 77 yrs old ill share details as i get them thanks!!!