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    I am great. I'l tall and fast and a wondrous smarty pants.
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    Let's face it, I miss taking amazing drugs more than almost anything in my life next to the innocence I had as a child until 1995; and let's face it, half of you weren't even born then.

    Anyway, the drugs and felonious crimes are things of the past. Now I am unhappily situated in a state I hate in a country that is becoming more pansy by the day and all I can think to do to fix it is take it over or blow it up.

    I graduated and have some decent work history. I'm also looking for a job so if you happen to be in need of a interesting and attractive employee with excellent English skills, do hit me up. My resume is about to be spectacular as soon as my editor Jason finishes it. It had better be amazing, seeing as how I paid $140 for his services.
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  1. That's a good point that I never thought of. However, the OP said something to the affect of being afraid that God isn't real, and there really being nothing. I was just going along with what she said.

  2. Comeuppance

    Would you be offended if you were called "fat".

    I would make fun of them for things that actually applied to them. I'm 6'6 and haven't broken 200 yet, but I take offense easily in this subject.
  3. Comeuppance


    Just kidding!
  4. Well, the idea of why it's a silly wager is that it's not necessarily a coin flip between Christianity and abject atheism being right. There are hundreds of religions out there so it isn't much a safety net to pick one at random.

  5. Ah, I see what you mean. While my post basically described Pascal's Wager, I wasn't trying to imply that I believe because it's beneficial. The point I was trying to get at is that (in my opinion) hell is a scarier concept to think about than the concept of there being nothing.

  6. You made a reference to Pascal's Wager in a post you made somewhere. It was in one of the sections that I can't post in, though. Look it up!

  7. What is this business about Pascal...?

  8. Comeuppance

    Oh heyyy there :)

    Make long, thoughtful posts and everyone will be appreciative. Post sparingly in the Forum Games except during slow periods when nobody is posting elsewhere. Chat in the chatroom! It's fun there. Hi, new person.
  9. Comeuppance

    Obama: Worst President Ever?

    He is suggesting that Christ was all about loving people and outlawing and segregating people because they're sinful is not a very loving thing to do. If you want people to reply about money disappearing, you should post a link from a reputable source that explains what money you are talking about.
  10. Comeuppance

    Minoxodil 5% for kick-starting facial hair?

    I tried something like that when I was younger. Those always say something about "not intended for those under the age of 18" on the boxes because they're aren't supposed to kickstart, hair growth, but rather to reboot hair growth for those whose hair has stopped growing with age. It won't work. I didn't grow any facial hair worth keeping until this year. This is literally still the first beard I've ever had.
  11. Comeuppance

    I Feel kinda like God is hating me.

    What it means is you should keep your chin up and keep auditioning for parts that interest you.
  12. But to any girl who's parents make her cover up her face and body, you say the same thing with the caveat of "just be glad they don't x-that-is-worse"? If you do, then right on.
  13. Comeuppance

    ban the person above me

    Banned for saying very creepy things after directly saying he was not creepy. By the way, we can bust out the AOE2 now if you have time.
  14. Haha, I am forever insulted since we don't have identical interests! FOREVER : p