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    Jaelian as defined by urbandictionary (and Faith XD):

    A were-goat creature that is usually completely oblivious to what is happening around it. Tends to be shy, and is scared easily.

    Jaelians are adorable creatures, though rarely seen. Goats flock to Jaelians because of their close relation. Jaelians watch out for, and protect their goat tribe.

    They hate goat tacos.

    And they obsess over the impending zombie apocalypse.
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    That one place. With the unicorns. And the talking pears. Yeah.
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    MUSHROOMS. >:] jk Urm...writing and reading. 'nuff said.
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  1. YO LOGOS, HAVE YOU WRITTEN A BOOK YET? I fully expect to be allowed to purchase it.

    That being said, it'd be a pity for a notoriously private, but somehow exceptionally verbose person to drop off the face of the web after RPGing with you for so long. Are you notoriously private on any other social media sites that aren't as completely dead as this one? 

    (Also ebonyrose says hello, we speculated about your whereabouts this evening, hence the harassment you're receiving right now)

  2. Paperbagfaze

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    *explodes upon Bored* HEY GUYS. LONG TIME NO SEE. Probably more long time no see because I don't think anyone I know is online. ._. Oh well. *rockets away and leaves behind a pile of sparkly memories and sentimental junk*
  3. Paperbagfaze

    Merry Christmas! Gifts.

    Hahahaha, oh man. Now I have to go make fun of him. Merry Christmas, Jazzy!
  4. Paperbagfaze

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    MAWR. <3
  5. Paperbagfaze

    Star Wars: The Bored Awakens

    Man, I don't check in a for a few days and miss the opening of the new Bored. In other news, the new Star Wars is pretty great. x3
  6. Paperbagfaze

    Ask A Girl.

    Nope. When I need to protect a baby it's because it's about to be smacked by another baby with a walking stick and all the other adults are distracted. I wouldn't call that maternal instinct. I find that most of my time with children is spent being the mean old aunt who won't let the kids get onto or into things they shouldn't. >:[ And it's all a constant reminder of why I will never have children.
  7. Oh my gosh XD I don't have new updates besides I've checked out the website and read about at the moment, looks very sweet. :) I need to call sometime this week XD I was super busy today though. Soon!

  8. Paperbagfaze


    Whoa, it's JKAY. :0
  9. Hey Beautiful, I can't PM you because my inbox is full, but Foofer wanted me to ask you if you had any updates about the job he recommended to you? Signed, your friendly neighborhood middle man xD

  10. Paperbagfaze


    Whaaaaaat. I don't make awkward jokes! D; I think I got mistaken for Foofer. v_v
  11. Paperbagfaze

    Is it ever the victims fault?

    If I were basing this answer simply on the question 'Is it ever the victim's fault?' I would say nothing is so dang black and white. I've been too many court proceedings to say anything different. For instance, my brother and ex-sister-in-law had a ridiculous marriage that went to hell in a hand-basket after six or seven years. She had a chronic jealously complex and he was simply apathetic. She screamed at him, threw things at him, and hit him. But when he put his hand on her throat to keep her leaving the house at night with one of the kids in her arms, she scurried off to the police with strangulation charge. (Because Idaho law has a broad field on what strangulation might be...even if you don't squeeze) The verdict was 11-1 not guilty and it ended in a mistrial, but her cronies are still going around saying he's an abusive husband and are trying to keep him from equal visitation rights. So who is the victim? ANYWAYS, based off the OP, I personally think we've lost a lot of our self-preservation instincts in politics. Oh, and common sense. It's advisable not to drink the tap water in certain places in Central America. But if you do and you get sick, is it your fault, having known full well there are nasty unseen things in the water? Or is it the waters fault? Or is it the country's fault for not having nicer water? I guess I just think nothing is all that cut and dry. Politically, hate crimes are shouted about and ridiculed and condemned. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the victim is as innocent as they are portrayed or portray themselves to be. :/ I find it hard to believe there's anywhere populated by humans where crime isn't a regular occurrence. /negative
  12. Paperbagfaze

    Battle for Solaris OT

    Pretty shnazzy, Ash. x3 Although I noticed you don't use Oxford commas. *dies* The main characters all seem pretty srs. I'm afraid I'd ruin your image of a main charrie. xD So, I might wait and see and play a side charrie. *wiggles eyebrows*
  13. Paperbagfaze


    Wahahaha. >:] I found out how to do it from someone's inappropriate deviantart submission. xD Good times, good times.
  14. Paperbagfaze

    20 Basic Truths You Can't Talk About in American Anymore

    Mm, I apparently didn't make myself clear on the fact that I wasn't talking about Bryce's situation at all. I was simply taking issue with your general implication that someone cannot be a true farmer and still enjoy pursuits like gaming. But now, I believe we've slightly derailed this thread, so I shall be a good citizen and stop posting after this. x3
  15. Paperbagfaze

    20 Basic Truths You Can't Talk About in American Anymore

    Hahaha, I was actually going to message you and congratulate you about this thread. xD I know this is directed at Bryce, but... I spend a lot of time on the internet and sometimes play video games. I live on a farm and yes, I get up at 6:30 to do my work and go to bed far too late. ._. I find this implication almost insulting.