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    I'm a pastor's kid, a student, a photographer, a programmer, and many other things.

    I really love art, computer science, and helping people. I've kinda got a soft spot for missions. Who knows? Maybe I'll end up there one day.

    I'm actually a really shy guy. I don't have a whole lot of friends, but I'm really close to the ones that I do have.

    Seeing God work in the world is really awesome. I love going to my school's chapel services, where I can worship and learn with my peers. It is there that I get to hear about different ways that God is working in the world, and it's definitely one of the biggest highlights of every week.
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    Computer Programming
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  1. PK93

    Senate Blocks Drive for Gun Control

    I can't own an AK47 currently, unless I were to go through the expensive process of being trained to use fully automatic weapons and receive a FAL. And I'm not worried about not being able to have a magazine that holds 30 rounds because I see little point to it. If you can't get the job done in 10 rounds, or even 5, 30 isn't going to make a difference. I like my guns, and I will fight to keep them, but I would never say that it is one of the things I worry most about. Not even close. And I don't see how or why you're making a correlation here to prescription medication. If you're going to relate these two, isn't a prescription in effect the same as a background check, CPL, or FAL? It might keep the criminals from obtaining the items legally, but criminals don't follow the law.
  2. PK93

    Senate Blocks Drive for Gun Control

    Background check? No. The type of gun I'm allowed to own, and whether guns that I currently own would become illegal? Yes.
  3. PK93

    Senate Blocks Drive for Gun Control

    A lot of anti-gun control people are against it because they see it as a violation of their second-amendment rights to own guns as protection from a tyrannical government. While I do see where they might be coming from on this, I also know that if something like that ever happened, it would be illegal for them to own or purchase guns anyway. My main reason for being against what they are doing is that they are trying to pass this more as a quick response to the events that happened near the end of last year more as a way to try to make people happy than to try to solve the problem. It seems as though they have put little effort into finding a solution to the problem beyond, "These are the weapons that have been used in mass shootings, so they need to be restricted." The guns really aren't the root of the problem, so banning them won't do much good. Instead, they should be looking at the underlying roots of the problems, especially at how mental health issues are handled in our nation, and working on a way to solve those. If I was thoroughly convinced that what they are doing with gun control would solve this problem, I would fully support it. But I can't sit around and support something that will infringe on my rights to own firearms when it will do little to no good in solving the problems that we as a nation are facing. Making it more difficult to buy guns legally will do nothing to prevent those who obtain them illegally from walking into a school and killing innocent children.
  4. PK93

    Senate Blocks Drive for Gun Control

    Most gun shows require membership of a club, or some sort of ID check to get in. You can't just walk into a gun show, there are fairly strict security measures in place. Gun shows would actually be really safe, even with all of the guns around. There are armed security officials, many of the people there have concealed carry permits and are trained in the use of their weapons, and while there may be lots of guns, the ammunition for the guns is usually not available. The tougher background checks I'm okay with, as it wouldn't affect me at all. As for "assault weapons," the government seems to have an extremely vague definition on what this is. They're calling a semi-automatic, tactical-style AR-15 (which is only a semi-automatic .223 with a tactical stock) an assault weapon. In reality, the only difference between this and my Ruger 10-22 is the caliber. The Ruger 10-22 has the same rate of fire, the same or higher clip capacity, and has the same effect if you are shot with it. They can ban high-capacity magazines, that's not really an issue. It would only be an issue if you're shooting a fully automatic weapon, for which you are required to have an FAL (full automatic license), which costs hundreds of dollars. You really don't need more than 10 rounds in a semi-automatic. Any more than that, your finger will get tired and the barrel will overheat. They can be fun, yes. But a 50-round drum clip for my 10-22? That's asking for trouble, someone's going to get hurt. You'll be spraying lead everywhere, which isn't safe. Honestly, my biggest problem with all of this is the government's very vague and selective definition of what an assault weapon actually is. With their definition, pretty much any firearm could be classified as an assault weapon and confiscated. And what's to stop them from doing so?
  5. PK93

    Explosion in Waco, Texas

    With the flash of light and the "whistling" sound before the explosion, it makes sense. What does not make sense, however, is that it occurred in a relatively small town. If it was an attack, I would think that it would've happened in a much larger town. I think the flash of light was more likely part of the explosion. Light travels faster than sound. What is more likely is that the explosion produced a flash of light, which reflected off the smoke in the air, and then the sound reached the camera as the fireball erupted. As for number two: Manure is used in fertilizer, and it produces methane. Manure foams, which produces methane bubbles, which are highly flammable. Fires caused by this are actually pretty common.
  6. PK93

    Senate Blocks Drive for Gun Control

    I'm really glad to hear this! This means that I don't have to worry so much about the government limiting my ownership of guns for at least a little while longer. This really doesn't work where I live. The nearest gun range is a bit more than 100 miles away, so we really don't have the luxury of shooting at a range. We all own our own guns, buy our own ammunition, and find safe shooting places out in the woods. We make sure that we are shooting in a safe direction, make sure we aren't putting anyone in harms way, respect nature, and pick up our trash. To have to drive 200 miles round trip, which is about $50 in gas, plus the cost to use the guns and ammunition at a shooting range to have a bit of fun with one of my favorite pastimes is, in my opinion, outrageous.
  7. PK93

    Tidy or messy?

    It really depends on how busy I am. For example: This past week I was really swamped with homework. I was rushing around, and trying to get things done, and so things just kind of got thrown somewhere there was space. My room was probably the most messy that it has been since I was around 7 or 8 years old. I really prefer it to be really tidy and organized, but that just doesn't always happen. As life gets busy, I get less and less organized, until I get to the point that I just don't care anymore. And then I'm not busy anymore, and I re-organize ‚Äčeverything.
  8. PK93

    What are your opinions on alcohol?

    My views are that it's wrong to drink to get drunk. Having a drink every now and then with your friends is perfectly OK in my opinion. If you're under the legal age, however, you really shouldn't be drinking at all.
  9. This morning in chapel one of the spiritual life guys was talking about how excited he was about the Boston Marathon going on today. I got back from class, and I heard about this. So tragic. http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2013/04/15/explosions-near-finish-of-boston-marathon/?hpt=hp_t1
  10. Premarital sex isn't directly a sin against your future spouse, but it will affect him or her. When you enter into a serious, life-long relationship, you're going to bring all of your past baggage into it. This includes the baggage added by the premarital sex. It will affect your future spouse, but both of you can work together and work through it. Baggage isn't meant to be carried alone. Your future spouse will carry your baggage with you, and you will also help them carry theirs; all of it. Now, to say that you would not marry a non-virgin on the basis that you prefer a virgin, that sounds absurd to me. To not marry someone based solely on the fact that they had sex before they met you is selfish. Understand that they probably deeply regret it. They are willing to commit to a relationship with you, and only you. If they didn't think you were worth it, they probably wouldn't have ever told you in the first place. For those of you who are holding on to some ideal of marrying a virgin, and are putting your future spouse on some pedestal that she cannot live up to, realize this: You are setting the standards so high that there is nothing that he or she can do but fall short. By placing your values of virginity so high, you're creating a standard that very, very few people today can live up to. I think that this article might be a good read for some of you: News Flash: You Probably Won't Marry a Virgin
  11. Whether he leaves you or not, you need to tell him. This isn't something that you're going to be able to hide from him forever, and the longer you wait the harder it's going to get to tell him. It might be hard for him at first, but if he's a good guy and he's right for you, he'll come to terms with it and stick with you. If not, then you can walk away knowing that you've saved both you and him more hurt further down the road, and that there is someone better out there for you.
  12. I can do maybe 10, and then the pain in my shoulders is too much for me. It's not that I'm terribly out of shape or anything, but I've got terrible joints (knees, hip, back, shoulders). When I do push-ups my shoulders pop and grind a bit on the way down, and it can be pretty painful. I just take it slow and try to do 10 or so when I remember. Hopefully as I continue to do them, I'll build up some muscle around those joints and it won't hurt quite so much. But, I don't know if I'll ever be able to do push-ups pain-free.
  13. PK93

    What's Your Love Language?

    6 Words of Affirmation 9 Quality Time 5 Receiving Gifts 9 Acts of Service 1 Physical Touch I feel like the Receiving Gifts score is higher than it should be for me, but there were several questions where the choice was between physical touch and receiving gifts, and I get much, much more uncomfortable with physical touch than I do with gifts.
  14. Equal rights for men and women, right? It's kind of a two-way street.
  15. PK93


    Milk is seriously one of the best beverages out there. I drink 2 or more glasses every night with my dinner, and occasionally one or two glasses with lunch. Milk is just delicious!