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    Boys VS Girls - The Saga!

    you start at 500 a girl posts makes the count go down by 2 likewise if a guy post it goes up by 2 so it would be 500 girl 498 guy 500 guy 502 girl 498 ect if the count reaches 0 the gires win if it reaches 1,000 theb guys win and then I guess we start a new thread???
  2. WomanOfChrist

    Organ and Blood donation!

    I cannot donate blood due to some medications I am on. I am an organ donor, but am unsure which organs would be suitable to donate with my conditions. I have also I am an adult (22) chosen to not go on a liver transplant list ( even if I was offered a spot) Due again to being on life-long medications. They may not even give me that option, but I have made that decision if and when that comes up.
  3. so do we with cigarettes and alcohol, too. Some places call them sin tax.
  4. Yes, I do suporrt pot being legalized. Why? Well for medical reasons it is of course to reduce pain keep food down ( which it does. In terms of just for fun I feel that it is CRAZY the sentences people service for possition. We have too many people locked up in this country to lock people up for years pn end for any drug proccess and certainly for pot proccession/smoking. Even harder drugs, whilw they should NOT be legal they seriously need to have shorter sentences or even just rehab on the first offense. For the same reason those people need HELP not to be locked up for years and cost tax-payers money for all of that time.
  5. WomanOfChrist

    Bible College and Non-Christian Parents

    My parents are Christians, BUT a good option may be to go to a school that is a Christian school, but offers secular degrees. I went to school for a Christian Minstary degree ( had to drop out for personal reasons but anyway) they had Christian ministry and church music BUT also had business, education and other degrees that were not Christian-based, as such while still requireing everyone to take four Christian ministry courses as part of their core. If I had to guess I would say between the sports scholarships offered, the local students who wanted to stay close to home and people who had trouble getting in other places it was probably between 30 and 40 that were NOT Christians and only between 10-15% majored in the ministry degrees offered. A college like that may be a good option/
  6. WomanOfChrist

    Opinions on drinking?

    I am 22 and have drunk alcohol twice since turning legal and part of a beer at 15 in our house ( not even half). As far as full units 12oz of beer 4.5 oz of wine or a 1 oz shot I had ONE glass on my 21st birthday could NOT wait and then brought in 2013 the traditional way with ONE glass of Bubblely
  7. WomanOfChrist

    Do You Pray Before Eating?

    i try to every meal unless I am just eating a smack because I figure I do not need it and it is not a meal, but I try to for the three main meals a day and rarely forget.
  8. WomanOfChrist

    a friend and I

    OK so I am obccessed with secular law. Well I guess you could say I drove a friend crazy by talking about it. (he is a youth pastor I know from college(studied there one semester has now moved back home. He tells me that he will talk when I am obccessed with CHRIST instead of man's law. However, a few minutes later he blocks me from facebook not defriend BLOCKS. I would love to be able to prove he made an impact on me but I have NO way of talking to him. I did speak with a friend of the two of us earlier on FB he said that this other guy was going through a tough time and to not worry about it. I still would like to talk and show that he did have an impact and after that talk I am less focused on secular law. So pray that he will give me a chance to prove (he also says he is praying for me but will not speak on the law. (This tells me he DOES still care. Pray as well that whatever he is going through the Lord will be with him through it, as well.
  9. WomanOfChrist

    ever delt with suicide before ?

    yes and have made a plan at least once.
  10. WomanOfChrist

    what other religion would you take

    I voted Islam because I looked into it for a while like seriously for several months.
  11. WomanOfChrist

    Family Crisis

    yeah I kinda know what that is like my father's mother will be on a machine 13.5 hours for life after her kidenys have failed due largely to being a diabetic for years.so I will pray.
  12. WomanOfChrist

    what if someone wants to go to Hell

    I thought that the Bible says we all deserve Hell?
  13. WomanOfChrist

    what if someone wants to go to Hell

    You see I AM that person. The reason is one I am confused and two I KNOW I deserve Hell and I want what I deserve.
  14. WomanOfChrist

    Hi, I'm a Muslim.

    You will only get banned if you try to convert us or of course if you break other rules like posting in forums that are clearly marked Christians only.
  15. WomanOfChrist

    Serious and time-sensitive prayer request

    I will pray I know the feeling been on both sides of that fence.
  16. WomanOfChrist

    suicide and hell?

    I am not sure because I do NOT believe in once saved always saved. I have a ring on my finger given as a gift by my grandmother last Christmas(who could not easily afford it). I accepted that gift, but could I at any point I chose sell it, pawn it, get rid of it in some way? Yes, I could so therefore I think you can lose God's grace, HOWEVER only YOU can lose it for you and no sin (except maybe suicide can actually take it.
  17. but even if so I KNOW I accepted Christ yesterday!!!
  18. WomanOfChrist

    my father and uncle

    both have cancer dad has colon cancer Uncle has throat cancer,
  19. WomanOfChrist

    The New Forum is Up!

    So far I just majorly wish our friends' list could be back.
  20. WomanOfChrist

    limited mods

    I think that we should try to have at least one limited mod per forum. Maybe more for popular forums?
  21. WomanOfChrist

    bit selfish but

    I have graduation that is usually on the football feild. However, if it rains it will be in the gym there won't be many people able to come. There is 40% chance. Please pray that it holds off until after graduation.
  22. WomanOfChrist


    I went, and I see nothing wrong with it.
  23. WomanOfChrist

    found Christ

    so yesterday I started doubting Christ after some people at church (different than the one I usually attend) were talking about the elect. I was not sure what to think of God if he had the elect so I started calling myself unsure of whether God was real and/or whether he was who I wanted to follow, but after talking to some people last night/today and a former youth leader I have decided that Christ really is true again.
  24. WomanOfChrist

    God-Sent turns 20

    We still love you; even if you have not been a teen for a few days now,