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  1. penguin10916

    Is it sinful to download things illegally?

    Piracy is illegal and therefore a sin since we're suppose to follow the laws of the land less they go against the will of God. In all honesty, there shouldn't even be debate on such things... though, some abandon-ware is questionable...
  2. penguin10916

    Does Christian Music Really Suck?

    There is a lot of good christian music and a lot of bad christian music. But, I prefer the ancient chants and hymns of the Orthodox church and the gothic-style and modern chants of the RC church. Protestant hymns are just crap with few exception... christian rock has more originality and musical appeal than that majority of those...
  3. penguin10916

    Antivirus Software

    I use Microsoft Security Essentials because it is good yet small and minimal unlike AVG, which is notorious for bogging down weaker systems like my netbook... But, I do also use Ubuntu, and the sweet and nice thing about Linux is that I don't have to worry about spyware/adware/viruses etc
  4. Question... can I get my ctf account purged from the forum? I no longer agree to the agreement because for the near 2 years I've been here, never have I seen the debate rules enforced until now, and I had I seen them then, I would have. The reason being, is that as this being a religion site, I believe that people should have a right to debate Christianity and anything else out in the open on chat or in the threads as long as those who are debating don't enter a flame war... If you are willing to do that, then just send me a message under the visitor messages, and I'll tell you then, once my temper has cooled if I want to go through with it. Also, I don't think it was right that I was banned from flashchat for questioning a staff member about theses rules in public and why if they were there for all of this time, why they're being enforced right now.

  5. If we went to war for that purpose, I think the people would be more willing to progress. But because we went to war on a lie, a lie that was probably created for whatever reason, the people will never fully trust us.
  6. Yes, because the corruption and the cultural nature of the people there are just going to return them to where they were under Saddam... let us face it... the people of Iraq and Afghanistan do not will and are incapable at this point of time of maintaining a republic, because everything in their culture from their traditional leader order to their religious theology is against such a thing. The best thing to do is to let them return to this life style and to just let them progress. It will be slow and there will be a lot of war and pain, but they will advance. Look at Europe! They went from being to tribalists, to being feudalists to being dysfunctional republics to being the semi-functional social democracies that they are now... Right now, Iraq is at the feudalistic age with their former dictators being treated like kings and Afghanistan is at a transitional point from being tribalistic to being feudalistic... so, yeah, a lot of people don't want to here this, but the best thing is to just let them be and to contain any stupidity that they might throw are way via terrorist attacks. With the terrorists, the only way you can really get rid of them is by scattering assasins throughout Africa and Asia... and killing of the leaders one by one... but last time I checked, that would require breaking treaties
  7. penguin10916

    Should nudity in art be considered pornographic?

    Nudity in art isn't porn if it isn't intended for or interpreted as porn. Artists who only include nudity in their art to represent fact are not creating porn, but those who use nudity to strike up feelings of lust and desire are creating porn.
  8. penguin10916

    Israel has days to bomb Iranian Nuclear Facility

    Iran has a right to nuclear power and that's probably what they are using it for. To assume that they want to use it for a bomb is asinine because Iran doesn't need a bomb to destroy Israel. They just need the stupidity and the gullibility of Israel to get rid of them. Because, if they use it for energy as they've said, and Israel pwns them and causes a lot of damage and death... then the world will be out for the blood of the jew and Israel will risk total destruction be it economical or be it through war.
  9. penguin10916

    Panel Vote Could Clear Way for Ground Zero Mosque

    Swampfox, the reason they want the mosque there is to honor the 60 some muslims who were killed in the tours on 9/11 and to honor the praying grounds that they had not too far from the trade centers that were destroyed on 9/11.
  10. penguin10916

    One of the Most Beautiful

    lol, this instrument could be one of my random, discreet excursions during college since this would be a cool instrument to learn and play
  11. penguin10916

    Panel Vote Could Clear Way for Ground Zero Mosque

    I want to see this mosque built there because the government nor the people should have a right to take away rights from a minority that they themselves have used to oppress and to portray their identity. Also, there were Muslims in the world trade centers who were killed on that day and it is also worth mentioning that there was a special prayer area for those Muslims nearby the trade centers. I also want to see this mosque built as a way to send the message out to the xenophobic "patriots" that they no longer have the right to attack and destroy a minority culture. During the 1920's they nearly, completely destroyed all use of the German language in the midwest and in turn caused a large minority in the nation to conform with the Anglo-Saxon/French norm of America. So to them along with the voices of many others: ,,You who are opposed to this mosque for some of the most retarded reasons will not again destroy the culture and identity of another group of people! They have the right to do as they please and to be who they want to be. And regardless of what others, who may seem similar to them do or say, you have no right or authority to group the radical with the moderate and cast damnation on the entire group!!! Pass damnation onto those who deserve it but give mercy and tolerance to those who don't!''
  12. penguin10916

    One of the Most Beautiful

    By far one of my most favorite instruments because of its simplicity yet versatility.
  13. penguin10916

    What's your favorite version of the Bible?

    NIV... KJV is frotted with errors and the middle-early modern English gets a bit annoying after awhile...
  14. penguin10916

    Difference between faith and belief

    I see belief as acknowledging the existence of an object or person whereas faith is the belief that that object or person will do something for you.
  15. penguin10916

    Adam and Eve, or monkeys?

    I'm kinda interested in reading the Zohar just because the first portion of it is a commentary on the Torah. Supposedly the ideas that it presents towards creation dramatically change the common perception about it. Also, I've heard from many people that the creation portion of Genesis was poorly translated...