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  1. Nope. Obviously I like the Ocean, but I don't like the environment that most cruise ships are portrayed as.
  2. It's like Marla Singer in the 50's. If Fight Club was placed then.

  3. Classy avatar.

  4. Ocean

    They Call It Dubstep.

    Making any sort of music isn't as easy as most people think.
  5. Ocean

    I don't know what to do... :/

    Whoa, red flag! The guy hit you and no one knows about this?
  6. Ocean

    I don't know what to do... :/

    I'm not really sure how the social structure of things work at a church, but I wouldn't worry about it ruining your reputation. Unless of course, they're really jerky people at your church who will disown you whenever you do something against the fold. If that's the case then they aren't very godly people to be around in the first place. If there's really no way of stopping him from telling your church, it'd probably be best if you came out about it yourself. Maybe they'll respect your decision better.
  7. Not very many people thought this through. Neither. I usually look at being "young" or "mature" to be false social constructs that are coined by subjectivity. "Maturity" is usually referred to as people being polite, while internally they could be completely unaware of their surroundings, thus relatively "immature" in their mental state. Some could argue that being less of a 'hold your tongue' type of person could be considered more mature because they don't feel held down in stating what they think, while most would view it as obnoxious or immature. All of it is subjective nonsense.
  8. Not in New York. Oh, this should be good.
  9. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/08/charlie-fuqua-arkansas-candidate-death-penalty-rebellious-children_n_1948490.html The world just keeps on getting scarier and scarier.
  10. Ocean

    What is your view of Hell?

  11. Ocean

    What is your view of Hell?

    This blue thing.
  12. Ocean

    Stuff you wish Girls Knew

    I like how we're diametric opposites.
  13. Ocean

    Who do you want to win this presidential election?

    I'd love to vote for Jill Stein if she actually had a chance. Voting for a third party in this election will do nothing but increase the chances of the candidate you least like winning.
  14. Yes. You should always be sure to have your food puréed before hand so you don't have to commit the act.