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  1. DeepInThought

    the person below me

    true this will blow your mind... TPBM will answer false
  2. DeepInThought

    Coke Is Actually Baby Pandas

    coke could do you guys for slander, if it doesnt then coke must be baby pandas
  3. DeepInThought

    the person below me

    eww false, TPBM doesnt have a crush on me?
  4. DeepInThought

    Diamonds Suggest Comets Caused Killer Cold Spell

    yes it does,. i will die a young earth creationist, even if i'm the last on earth! long live young earth creation science!!!!!!!!!
  5. whats your favorite homer momment?
  6. why must Gods people be so devided? why carnt we all agree to be indipendant baptists? :angel2:
  7. DeepInThought

    Whats your favorite sport?

    all hail Ultimate Frisbee
  8. DeepInThought

    Ask A Guy

    i'v said this to attractive girls knowing nothing could ever happen between us, so be careful...
  9. DeepInThought

    15 things that annoy you...

    i have just realised how many people i annoy on here... sorry all
  10. DeepInThought

    CTF Singles

    has she actually been married 8 times? i'm a perfectionist, i will be single for ever because of my unrealistic expectations of girls
  11. DeepInThought


    hmm all this time i thought it was a put-down DOH
  12. DeepInThought

    CTF Singles

    hi all i'm new and single :partyguy: very single, infact possibly too single, maybe not... <div class=\'quotetop\'>QUOTE </div><div class=\'quotemain\'>EVERYONE needs chocolate. It's impossible to live without it. It's like...air... but chocolate.[/b] i hate chololate
  13. DeepInThought


    what do girls mean by cute?
  14. DeepInThought

    15 things that annoy you...

    1. typing lists 2. anarchists 3. nominal christians 4. people who bomb inocent palestinian children in Gaza grrrr 5. repetition 6. repetition 7. superstition 8. people who show disrespect towards girls 9. atheists (only abit) 10. stairs 11. my past 12. my future 13. George Bush 14. babies crying 15. promiscuity
  15. learn to walk again someday, then get married...