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    I am an Eagle Scout since 2004, an Order of the Arrow Brotherhood member, and a 5th Year Pipestone holder. I work at Toys R Us and can do just about every job imaginable in that place.

    I've helped out at my church for 9 years with their vacation Bible school program in the summer and helped for 2 years with the 5th grade boys class on Wednesday nights.

    I have recently been helping drive the van that brings children to church on Wednesday nights. This year is the first year that I'm helping with the middle school youth group, Warehouse 514.

    Check out my blog at http://t4eagle137.wordpress.com/

    I'm always willing to talk over IM or whatever, so feel free to ask. (I haven't been logging in to IM programs so if you add me, send me a PM so I know to log in)
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    Canton, OH
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    I enjoy writing, reading (mostly Star Wars books, a few others), anime (only ones that interest me), TV (Revolution, Agents of SHIELD, Arrow, some others)
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    Sales Associate
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  1. Happy birthday Phillip, hope it was a good one :]