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    Help me cut back on masturbation please

    Hey, I sent you a message as well, however I would gladly help you as best I can. I'm helping someone else with a similar problem as well and things have been getting better for him. Feel free to contact me.
  2. mckdawg04

    What was the last movie you watched?

    The last movie I watched was Clash of the Titans. Not the greatest movie (not much of a storyline) but it was entertaining enough for a $2.99 rental. ---------- Post added at 09:25 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:22 PM ---------- That is such a spectacular movie!
  3. mckdawg04

    Masurbation is a sin.

    So, just a question. Faithful Kevin, what is the point of trying to prove to Mark J that masturbation is a sin? Is that something that Jesus would have done? Argued back and forth to try and prove that He's right and the other person is wrong? I don't think He would have. Jesus wouldn't have looked at that, He would have looked right to the heart and shown love. Everyone on this forum knows that you're now the biggest supporter that masturbation is a sin. TeenLeaderTom used to be one of those too, until he realized that masturbation can easily be non-sinful. Regardless, you need only post once in any of these masturbation threads rather than drag the thread out into a battle between you and Mark J. On top of that, the original poster no longer cares about the post when it disintegrates into useless blathering. My advice is to focus on helping the original poster with any specific questions that they may have and above all, to show them love. If anyone wants to talk privately about masturbation or anything else, please feel free to contact me.
  4. mckdawg04

    Seeking Accountability Partner

    Hey, I sent you a PM, but in case you see this first I'd be glad to help you as best I can. Feel free to reply to my PM or contact me somehow.
  5. When and how did you figure out that you were in love? I'm talking about at anytime in your life and with whoever it might have been. It could be an old high school flame, your current spouse, or whoever. I'm just curious as to how you came to realize you were in love with someone.
  6. mckdawg04

    What Are you Listening to VIII

    "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" from Mary Poppins Broadway Musical performed by the Original London Cast
  7. mckdawg04

    Music Inspired by the Story

    Yesterday I was wandering around on Amazon.com (which is dangerous. . .but that's a different story ) and I stumbled upon a fantastic collection of songs. I have a link to Amazon just so that you guys can listen to clips of the songs. http://www.amazon.com/Music-Inspired-Story-Digital-Booklet/dp/B005LYQKIG/ref=tmm_msc_title_0 This is one of the best albums I have ever heard and I absolutely love it! What do you guys think?
  8. YES! I was totally hoping for this answer! ;P
  9. mckdawg04

    Prayer request

    I find it very amusing that you're trying to sell me that CTF is a bad forum site because they decide to stay neutral on the 2 most controversial subjects that Christians deal with. Personally, I think that Jesus would tell us that there are far more important things to worry about than whether a website decides on whether to allow topics regarding masturbation or homosexuality. Regardless, it would be best NOT to start a debate here in this thread where the OP is simply asking for prayer requests. Feel free to PM your campaign against CTF to me. If anyone who seeks love and support for whatever might be troubling you, please feel free to PM, IM, or e-mail me.
  10. mckdawg04

    Prayer request

    But when they persisted in asking Him, He straightened up, and said to them, “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone at her.” -- John 8:7 I've always been under the impression that as Christians we are supposed to show love to all people, not just those people that we thought were deserving of it. Jesus walked the streets and sought out people that the general public found unacceptable (lepers, cripples, thieves, etc). Is this now how we are supposed to behave? Connors, I will be praying for you to overcome the struggles you wish to be rid of. If ANYONE who seeks love and support for whatever might be troubling you, please feel free to PM, IM, or e-mail me. I would be more than welcome to show you how love really works.
  11. mckdawg04

    Was this a sin?

    I agree, we can't be perfect as humans because of the fall of man back in Genesis. We can strive to be pure and not sin, but inevitably we will fail.
  12. Yeppers! Just sitting over here in Canton. ;) How are things going?

  13. Hey! It's nice to see some reasonable replies from a fellow Ohioan. :)

  14. mckdawg04

    US Airways lets man fly wearing women's underwear

    How was this even news? Was there nothing better for that paper to be printing? I don't see why someone was even making such a big deal about it. Granted, I'm not a fan of the sagging look, but I'm not going to tell someone to stop just because of that.
  15. mckdawg04

    Casey Anthony...NOT GUILTY

    Regardless of what people think should have happened, she was provided a fair trial where both sides were given equal time. The prosecution was unable to prove without a reasonable doubt that Casey did kill Caylee and Casey received fair decision of a jury of peers. This is simply how our judicial system was designed. No one person can judge someone because of how they feel. Everyone is entitled to a fair trial by jury and is presumed innocent until proven guilty. It's truly unfortunate that Caylee's life was cut so terribly short, but I believe that she's in a much better place now.
  16. mckdawg04

    Is this not wierd?

    It's completely normal to not like anybody when you're in middle school. I went through the exact same thing at your age. I didn't see a reason to have girlfriend and in high school it was all about social status so I just tended to let it alone. You'll find someone eventually and when you do, you'll know. Just like Wesley said, you think about them a lot and want to be around them a lot. If you ever want to chat with me, feel free to PM, e-mail, or IM me.
  17. mckdawg04

    Is it normal? PLEASE HELP!!!

    I'll leave a serious response even if the OP is a troll. Someone else browsing through may need help with this. Yes, it's normal to be curious like that. A lot of guys go through a phase where they're curious about other guys and some guys find out later that they're gay. That's a distinction that you would need to make on your own, but you will find plenty of support and help from people here. If anyone ever wants to talk with me about anything, feel free to send me a PM, e-mail, or IM.
  18. Hello! What's going on?

  19. So wait, if nothing "physical occurred between the two" what is this even about?
  20. Gundam -Gundam Wing -Gundam SEED -Gundam SEED Destiny (when I get to it) -Gundam 00 (also when I get to it) Eureka Seven Heroic Age Neon Genesis Evangelion Rebuild of Evangelion 1.01: You Are (not) Alone Rebuild of Evangelion 2.22: You Can (not) Advance Fullmetal Alchemist Fate/Stay Night Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit Elemental Gelade Fafner: In the Azure
  21. mckdawg04

    How Do you Pronounce "lol"

    It's pronounced "lawl"
  22. mckdawg04

    Is Masturbation a sin?

    Bingo. Shel-Yudah hit this nail square on the head.
  23. mckdawg04

    "Christian" Teen Forums...

    I don't think the name should be changed. It would be like Adidas deciding out of the blue to change their company name, which wouldn't happen. There are other teen forum sites available that put religion as a second-thought sub-forum. I think that some people might be put off by the forum name, but a majority of people that find the site are specifically looking for a Christian-based site. That's my two cents.
  24. mckdawg04

    Why is masturbation wrong?

    Bingo. This sums up the entire thing in my opinion.
  25. mckdawg04


    Eh, it's not bad. I probably wouldn't listen to them if I had a choice. I personally prefer Tiësto, Deadmau5, Paul van Dyk, and a few others.