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  1. RandomPrincess

    Older or Younger Guys?

    Generally older.. But I don't usually put a lot of stock into age.
  2. AWESOMENESS!! :woot: I am doing SPECTACULAR, thanks! :D

    What's up? :D

  3. Howdy!! :woot: How are you today?! :D

  4. Awh! Shanksh Josh!

  5. I know you don't get on here. .


  6. RandomPrincess

    Writing In Your Bible...

    I'll fully admit it, I write in my bible. My pages are full of color and notes about verses, and wonderful Christian sayings I've heard and that meant a lot to me. It's just my preference. I think for me it's good and something that helps me.
  7. RandomPrincess


    It really surprises me that you hurt guys and get hurt back and still go back and find yet another boyfriend. All of this without telling your parents. Wow. I never. ever. wanted to hurt you.. that's why I tried to stay at a distance..
  8. RandomPrincess

    please pray for me

  9. RandomPrincess

    Prayer for Brooklyn

    Hey Guys, Brooklyn isn't doing well, she feels really sick. She can't eat much.... Throws up a lot... and sleeps a lot.. She asked me to type this up because she is feeling too weak. Thanks guys! WE LOVE YOU BROOKLYN!!!(:
  10. RandomPrincess


    When you knew he was going to ask me to prom..but you told him to ask some other girl.....yeah.. they're dating now.
  11. RandomPrincess

    Lizzy's birthday!

    Yeahhh buddy!!!(: hahahaha. Fanks you Kimmy!