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    I like cats, drawing, art, reading, and Animal Crossing.
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    Lt. Kari Misaki
  1. bad_kitty

    I'm back!

    I do enjoy Anime, yes. And thanks, Zabby.
  2. bad_kitty

    Menstrual cramps

    When I first started, I didn't get much of anything. Now I get horrible back cramps every two weeks, and I mostly use Midol and a heat pad to help. I don't really get acne ... (Praise the Lord!)
  3. bad_kitty

    Hair & Sleep

    I just wear my hair down while I'm asleep. I always put it up for the day ... back in a ponytail ... and I look like a nerd. >.>
  4. bad_kitty

    I'm back!

    Hey, CTF! Long time, no see! I doubt anybody even remembers me ... >.> But if you do: Great! If not: Now's a cool time, I guess. Just to re-introduce myself: I'm LDS (Commonly known as Mormon). I do play video games. (Not much, bue it depends on the day.) I watch Anime. (If you haven't noticed, I like FullMetal Alchemist) I go to a college (I'm not telling, sorry.) I love love LOVE cats! I have a dA, so if anyone would like to take a look at my art (mostly fanfiction), just click my Signature! Well, I think that about covers it.
  5. A glomp is not an "eating action". A "glomp" is simply... You jump on (literally jump on them) the person from behind and hug them.

  6. Don't eat me! I'm too skinny and I don't taste good! XD

  7. bad_kitty

    Maddie and Ben meet up!

    I've met Maddie, it was for her 17th b-day last year. She came over to Utah, and she even came to my house. (Awesome, btw!) Maddie's not short! Everyone is just vertically gifted! \(n.n)/~ ~Lightning_Alchemist (Krissy S.)
  8. bad_kitty

    Which current handheld gaming system is your favorite?

    DSlite all the way! You can play GBA games on it, as well as DS games.
  9. bad_kitty

    Fire Emblem

    ANY versions of Fire Emblem are welcome in this awesome thread. This week's topic: What version(s) do you own/have played? I have: Fire Emblem (GBA) Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones (GBA) Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (GameCube) Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (NDS) Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (Wii) Well, they're all my sister's, but she seems too involved with her work and Golden Sun to play.
  10. Hi buddy! *Glomps*

  11. bad_kitty

    Feeling empty and hopeless . . .

    Okay, guys. I really thank you for your support! n.n I'm feeling a lot more better than I have been these past few weeks, and now I have a nice group to sit down and have a nice lunch with. I'm starting to feel less and less of a social outcast, and more like my usual self again. Thank you sooooo much! n.n
  12. bad_kitty

    Feeling empty and hopeless . . .

    Thank you. These past two days, I've been feeling a little less like blah and more like: Carpe Diem!
  13. Heya . . . bad_kitty here again . . . Okay, I've been having issues with my social life . . . kinda-ish . . . I've been feeling more and more like an outcast every day of my high school these past couple weeks . . . and I'm starting to think that I should just stop going to school altogether . . . the first time I've really thought about it . . . One of my bff's mom's told me that I should just try and smile through this time, and that I should pray for help . . . Does anyone have anything else to add to this suggestion?