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  1. I consider myself a Punk Rocker Scene I guess Im not Emo I just have cool hair I get commented on my hair alot. I wear skinny Jeans and lots of bracelets. To get an idea of what my style is look at my profile
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    Hi :D

    welcome to CTF
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    Your Top 5's

    5 favorite movies: 1)Galaxy Quest 2) Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy 3) The Sandlot 4) The Iron Giant 5) Facing the Giants Top 5 favorite songs: 1) Magic Carpet Ride 2) Vindicated 3) Sweet Caroline 4) Proud Mary 5) Secret Agent Man Top 5 favorite types of candy 1) M&Ms 2) Twix 3) 3 Musketeers 4) Snickers 5) Skittles Top 5 favorite bands/musicians 1) Kiss 2) John Cougar Mellancamp 3) Simple Plan 4) Creedence Clearwater Revival 5) Guns N Roses Top 5 heroes in movies/tv/comics etc 1) Superman 2) Spiderman 3) Hulk 4) Batman 5) Iron Man Top 5 villains in movies/tv/comics etc 1) Darth Vader 2) Two Face 3) The Riddler 4) The Joker 5) Doc Oc Top 5 favorite TV shows (past or present) 1) House 2) The Animaniacs 3) Hey Arnold 4)Home Improvement 5) Spongebob Top 5 fiction books: 1) LOTR 2) Narnia 3) To Kill a Mockingbird 4) Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 5) idk Top 5 favorite Smileys: 1) :pop: 2) 3) :lamo: 4) 5) :jawdrop:
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    *~*Toilet Paper*~*

    I use it to blow my nose I like the soft kind. the ones at school are too rough and they hurt
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    Your Soda Preference

    Cream Soda,Dr Pepper,Cherry Coke,Cherry Pepsi
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    Ive gone to public all my life and I love it
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    Welcome My name is Tyler
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    hello Tyler im Tyler
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    Welcome to the Forums James and Paul im Tyler
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    Ctf Adoption

    Yay! I need to remember these too lol
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    Telephone Game (pass On The Message)

    The giant panda turned into a sideways door
  12. Rockin4Jesus

    Two Peanuts

    lol stupid but funny
  13. Rockin4Jesus

    More Brain Teasers

    I got the one about the wife but not the others lol