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    I'm a 20 year old housewife living in the southeast corner of Tennessee with my hubby of 6 months and our 9 month old Siberian Husky. I love DIY projects and remodeling houses. I have a passion for things that no normal person would love. I think serial killers are interesting and sexist jokes about women are hilarious. Uhmm...yeah, not sure what more to say. (: Just ask whatever you'd like to know.
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    Madisonville, Tennessee
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    DIY, Remodeling Homes, Photography, Soccer, Football, Cars, Baseball, Gymnastics, Tennis, Water Sports, Road Trips, Reading
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    Ashley Danielle
  1. How would you define the term 'vocation'? How would you define the term 'calling'? I only need a couple, but if you're obliged to respond after I've gotten a couple responses, that's cool too. (:
  2. Ben! It is time....for TC. You, me, and all the other regulars. I miss you guys!

  3. Ashley+Smiles

    True Or False!

    False..... O.o You've....colored your hair an unnatural color (pink, blue, green, purple, etc...)
  4. Ashley+Smiles

    What are you doing?

    Watching Smallville.
  5. Ashley+Smiles

    Picture Post

    Our first Thanksgiving together 2008. Last year sometime...
  6. My room is quite boring. There are three lights that shine into our room at night, so we've doubled on shading. There's a photo album on the dresser with a picture taken not long after my husband and I started dating four and a half years ago. Aww. (: Anddd the hubby's closet. Huge bed. He still claims that I push him off the side at night (even when I'm on the side, myself). I think he's imagining things. Nightstand. The bedroom set was bought when I lived at my parents house before my husband came into the picture. So, they only bought one nightstand. Dresser, tv and my closet. Yep. Pretty boring room. That's what happens when you rent. Hopefully our next bedroom will be owned and we can decorate the heck out of it. (:
  7. 1. I hate to go shopping alone - whether it be grocery shopping or just running into the store real quick for one thing. 2. I have an outrageous temper. 3. I hate cleaning my house, yet I do it constantly. 4. I wish my husband and I were able to afford for me to be a stay at home wife & mom. Maybe one day.... (: 5. I'm an amazing cook. Shoulda been a chef, dang it.... 6. My husband and I collect bottles. We have over 50 bottles ranging from classic Coke (in the glass bottle), Snapple & Jones Soda to wine, whiskey, rum & tequila...you name it. 7. I'm a photographer.
  8. Ashley+Smiles

    Justin beiber??

  9. Ashley+Smiles

    How much does cereal cost where you live?

    On the odd chance I buy cereal, I get the huge $5 bag of Malt-O-Meal cereals. They're the knock-off brand of other cereals like Cocoa Pebbles, Lucky Charms, Cheerios, and whatnot. Those bags last forever with my little family of two who rarely eat cereal.
  10. Ashley+Smiles

    Favorite Accent?

    Irish & Australian. <3
  11. Ashley+Smiles

    How Do You Eat Your OREO?

    I'm strictly a dunker...in milk. That's the only way I'll eat them. And I could eat Oreo's with milk all day long.
  12. Ashley+Smiles

    Do you like amusement parks?

    Who wouldn't love them? The Superman at SixFlags in GA and Tennessee Tornado & Thunderhead at Dollywood are my all time favorite rides.
  13. i miss your face too hun

    i love youuuuuussss

  14. yo. i miss your face. <3